Are People Dangerously Ignorant Of Wireless Electronic Radiation Part 2

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What is the legal limit of radiation for microwave oven door radiation leakage on your oven? FIVE THOUSANDTHS of a watt, or .005 watts.

What is the microwave power level for a typical cell phone? About EIGHTY TIMES that amount of energy, or typically .400 watts

Wireless lovers will cry out, “But that’s not the same thing!” But in a way it is. Radiation damage over time applies to ALL forms of radiation, from radio frequencies (RF) up through ultraviolet. Damage pathology is well known and there are ANSI standards for exposure to almost all forms of electromagnetic energy. Strict safety standards have been established to light entering the eye – including ultraviolet wavelengths at almost energy level. With shorter wavelengths there is a higher the risk of developing cataracts fairly quickly. Various radio and light wavelengths have well established safe exposure levels.

Consider Pierre and Madame Curie, well known for their discovery of Radium and Polonium. No radiation standards existed for them yet when Madame died July 4th 1934from radiation sickness. Pierre died in 1906. His demise hastened by ill health and did not recover from being run over by a horse drawn carriage. Microwaves, ultraviolet, alpha, beta and gamma radiation are ALL part of the same electromagnetic spectrum. All of these forms of radiation will damage the body, just in different ways and at different dose levels.

Cell phone companies do not want you to even remotely think about any of these facts.

How many cell phone and Blue Tooth users must DIE before people wake up and a safety standard is established? Don’t hold your breath waiting ­ cell phone corporations are very powerful and they will make certain no such standard will ever be established. Period. And don’t lie to yourself by counting on Uncle to protect you. If the government can’t protect itself ­ how can it protect us from anything? Perhaps it doesn’t want to protect you, in the name of population control.

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