Are healthcare professionals aware of the implications of bringing mobile phones into the operating room?


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Today, it seems that more and more health care professionals and physicians are carry and using their cell phones in the operating room. My concern is where the cell phones have been before they are brought into the operating room. They may have been at the bottom of an individual’s handbag, or a pocket. Personally, I have not seen anyone wipe a cell phone off before bringing it into the operating room.

Additionally, cell phones have been found to be a source of distraction in operating motor vehicles and possibly cause interference with other equipment that is commonly found in hospitals. In light of the increase innosocomial infections, possible distraction and intereference factors, one can not help wondering what is appropriate in regard to using cell phones in the operating room?

Thus I began to do a literature review which so far I have found to be limiting. Therefore, I feel driven to first investigate healthcare professionals awareness of the implications of bringing mobile phones into the operating room. I believe that the data collected from a study exploring this will assist us as educators to identify and develop programs that are much needed in regards to mobile phone use in operating rooms.

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