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Can electromagnetic fields ( EMF ) from power lines, home wiring, airfield and army radar, substations, transformers, PCs and appliances cause brain cancers, leukemia, birth defects, miscarriages, prolonged fatigue, headaches, cataracts, heart issues, stress. Revulsion , chest agony, forgetfulness, cancer and other health problems? Many studies have produced paradoxical results, yet some gurus are sure that the threat is real. Dr. David Wood worker , Dean at the Faculty of Public Health, State Varsity of NY believes it is probable that up to thirty percent of all youth cancers come from exposure to EMFs. The Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) warns “There is reason for concern” and recommends cautious avoidance”. Martin Halper, the EPA’s Director of research and Support claims “I have not seen a collection of epidemiological studies that remotely approached the weight of proof that we are seeing with EMFs.

Obviously there’s something here.” Concern over EMFs exploded after Paul Brodeur wrote a sequence of articles in the New Yorker Mag in June 1989. Due to Paul Brodeur’s reputation. His articles had a catalytic effect on scientists, journalists and anxious folk all around the world. In Nov 1989, the Dept of Energy claimed that “It has become sometimes accepted that there are, indeed, biological effects due to field exposure.” The EMF issue gained more hoopla in 1990 when shocking reports appeared in Time, the Wall Street Book , Business Week and popular PC publications.

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