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Cordless phones are not safer than cell phones. In fact, some published research has shown that cordless phones are three times more dangerous than cell phones! (55) Here’s why. A cordless phone utilizes a base station for its operation. This base station acts like a mini-cell phone tower sitting in the home or office. The base station continuously emits a pulsing microwave at full power as long as it’s plugged in to an electrical outlet. It does this so that it can maintain a signal with the handset(s). This means that everyone in the
home or office is exposed to the continual broadcasting of microwaves whether the phone is in use or not.

Newer cordless phones now use newer technology called DECT technology, which stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. The signal from a DECT phone broadcasts at a 2.4 or 5.8 gigahertz transmission continuously. This continuous transmission of frequencies on DECT phones is what makes them different from older models. And since many cordless phones are often placed near the bedside on a nightstand individuals sleeping near them are constantly being exposed to a pulsing electromagnetic wave that has an electrical field strength of about 6.5 volts per meter (56) What’s the significance of this?

A New Zealand study reported a significant increase in both chronic fatigue and sleep problems in residents living near an AM and FM radio tower (57). The highest field strength taken from the tower was 2.66 volts/meter, which was significantly less than that of the DECT cordless phone. Another study from Schwarzenburg, Switzerland reported that 55% of residents living near a short-wave radio transmitter reported symptoms of disturbed sleep and 35% reported full insomnia. (58) The researches were able to turn the transmitter on and off on different nights. Symptoms were greatly reduced when the transmitters were off.

The German Federal Radiation Protection Agency stated that a cordless DECT phone is often the strongest single source of radiation in a private home. The Frieberger Appeal of October 2002, a document signed by over 130 medical practitioners from the German environmental medicine medical organization called IGUMED, has called for a ban on DECT phones in preschools, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and public buildings. The bottom line is that you are much safer returning to the use of wired landline phones.

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