Are Cellular Phones Carcinogenic? Can Airtube Headsets help?

Before, we used to think that the term carcinogenic only applies to chemical substances that can cause cancer. Cigarettes and carcinogens are almost synonymously considered. However, carcinogenic does not only applies to toxic substances that can be taken orally in usual form. As the term itself, carcinogens applies to things that can cause cancer.

You might wonder how can your cellular phones be carcinogenic. If you are not so much familiar with technical components of this modern day communication unit, here are some points that tells you how this thing called mobile communication works. Before, we used to call through our regular telphones which are connected via cable lines. Signals from you phone are relayed through the cables. However, with the advancement of modern day wireless communication, it was discovered that signals can also be transmitted without any cables at all. This is through the use of microwaves that are being emitted in the atmosphere.

Through the use of microwaves, you can bring your phone anytime you want to. However, these microwaves are not so much different than x-rays which are highly radioactive. As a matter of fact, some laboratory researches have found that microwaves emitted by mobile phones cause dna damage.

While this might be an alarming fact especially to those who are frequent callers and that business is on the line, there are many ways to get one protected from these hazards. One of them is wearing Air-tube headsets. Air tubes headsets alleviates microwave transfers from your head. In a study conducted, Air Tube Headsets reduces the microwave radiation by up to 98%.

Especially for those people who are “on the go”, mobile phones are just way too indispensable for them so as with air tubes. Wearing your Airtubes is like distancing yourself from cancer!


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