Are Cell Phones Potentially Dangerous?

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11/10/2011 | by Annabel Tautou

While the debate over the impact of cell phones on human healthwould take its due time to clear the air, here comes another research which has claimed that cell phones could potentially damage human health.
It has been known that even the World Health Organization (WHO) had shared their set of concerns with people about the same, but deep examination of over 200 academic studies has exacerbated the research all in all to a different level. The percolating concern has gone to an extent that Professor Denis Henshaw, of Bristol University, feels that concrete measures should be taken so that the attached health concerns with mobile phone usage could be addressed.

With the usage of mobile phones reaching to new level, there are lingering fears in the mind of experts that this issue could become vulnerable in the time to come. If a 2008 Swedish study is to be believed, it has been claimed that children using mobile phones ate almost at five times the risk of brain tumour called a glioma.

The report titled `Mobile Phone Health Risks: the Case for Action to Protect Children’ was told to be made public by the charity Mobilewise.

The team is of the opinion that government needs to intervene in this issue to ensure that children are not being left at the risk of cancer and other health concerns. A significant need to escalate level of safety measures seems to have become a need of the hour. Though substantial claims have been made, it is being believed that a joint drive needs to be conducted by enrolling various sections of the society, including ‘schools, phone shops and the healthcare system.

There has been another view raised that more or less government is undermining the severity of the issue which has once again brought the attention of medical fraternity at the sole agenda of mobile phone usage.

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