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When we were growing up, Television antennas were on top of our homes and such waves were up in the sky. Cell telephones and Wi-Fi have brought those things down to the street, integrated them into the environment, and that is completely new. As to increases in brain growths tied to cell telephone use, it’s too early to inform thanks to a shortage of hard information, announces Dr Carlo. “We’re never going to see that in time to have it count. Here in the States, we are 6 years behind in getting the brain cancer database finished, and now the best information are from 1999. By the point you see any information showing an increase, the ticking time bomb is set.”.

Pandemic curve projections indicate that in 2006, we should expect to see forty thousand to fifty thousand cases of brain and eye cancer. This is predicated on printed peer-reviewed studies that let calculation of risk and development of pandemic curves. By 2010, says Dr Carlo, expect that number to be between four hundred thousand and five hundred thousand new cases around the world.

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