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Bluetooth headsets are even worse than conventional headsets. Here’s why. Bluetooth technology is wireless technology in which a wired connection has been replaced with a receiver and transmitter and this connection communicates on a 2.4 gigahertz frequency. This is the same frequency used by a microwave oven.

However, the power used to send these frequencies is very low. In fact, the signal strength is only about 1 milliwatt of power, whereas a cell phone can operate on a signal of up to three watts. (54) So the lower power used by Bluetooth technology limits range to around 30 feet. But here’s the problem. When the earpiece is worn on the head it is on continually. And although the power is less the radiation exposure is constant even when no conversation is occurring. At least with a cell phone you lay the phone down when the conversation is concluded. Not so with a Bluetooth earpiece.

Secondly, this is a wireless connection. From what has been said about how cell phone radiation harms us we know that when we talk or send information over a Bluetooth connection of any kind we’re being exposed to the information-carrying radio wave. And it is this wave that does the damage. So, Bluetooth devices are not any safer than non-wireless devices and, in fact, can be more dangerous due to the continual exposure of radiation to the head.

Here’s something else to question. With the Bluetooth earpiece worn on the ear and with radiation being emitted continuously, will we see damage to the auditory nerve or perhaps damage to the inner ear at some point? Will this continual radiation exposure damage hearing in some way? These are questions that remain unanswered.

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