Air Tube Headset Stops Cell Phone Radiation from Reaching Your Brain

EMF Protection Products
As seen on CNN – Use a “Hollow Tube” Earpiece. In 1995, our parent
company responded to the claim that cellphones were harmful by inventing
the worlds first Radiation Free Antenna for cellular phones. Raising over
20M, the company emerged as RangeStar and launched the Worlds first
innovative antenna manufacturing and R&D company with nine antiquate
testing chambers and manufacturing partners in USA, China, and Taiwan.

The RF3 is the “Original” and Patented solution that effectively
eliminates the effects of harmful radiation during use. We tested this on
“RICK” our dummy head during our SAR “Standard Absorption Rate” tests and
we effectively measured ZERO.

No kidding, the reviews are AWESOME when it comes to sound quality. We
rate this product in our TOP FIVE for customer satisfaction. Kevin
Airtube Headsets

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