Acupuncture and TCM Approaches for CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Moreover, stimulation of a number of acupuncture points via acupuncture is also very helpful in that it balances the energy in the meridians flowing through the body. For example, the acupuncture point Zusanli (Stomach 36) has also been found to be very effective in stimulating production of NK cells. Dr. Douglas Yi Wang has written an excellent article titled “Acupuncture and TCM Approaches for CFS” on treating CFS with Chinese medicine, which we might guess could also be applied to the treatment of Microwave Sickness. Thus one can easily theorize that EMR disrupts the energy flow in these meridians – and can very well be likened to what is known as “Evil Chi” (xieqi) in Chinese medicine theory.

With regards to taking care of the mycoplasma infections, a product called Myco – from Raintree Nutrition using a number of herbs collected from the Amazon rainforest – is very effective for this. I had taken a bottle to Dr. Yayama to examine using a bioresonance machine he invented called Zero Search, and his response was to get off the antibiotics because this was much more effective. I took his advice and haven’t had any problems since.

At one point, I had developed these ugly warts all over my hands. I had been seeing a dermatologist who would freeze them off once a week and they would always just return the following week. I finally had Dr. Yayama look at them. He used his Zero Search machine in conjunction with the German Rayometer. He kept on turning the dial on the Rayometer checking different frequencies while he waved this kind of laser wand over my hands. Finally, he said “Candida.” He gave me some cream to hold in my hand while he checked its effectiveness with his machine. I used it and the warts were gone within a week. When I went to see the dermatologist again, he was quite shocked and amazed.

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