A Year of Wi-Fi Exposure Equals 20 Minutes of Cell Time

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Times of London offers some views on Wi-Fi’s dangers: Rather than analyze (or analyse) this article, I present two salient quotations.

Dr Michael Clark, of the [Health Protection Agency] says, “When we have conducted measurements in schools, typical exposures from wi-fi are around 20 millionths of the international guideline levels of exposure to radiation. As a comparison, a child on a mobile phone receives up to 50 per cent of guideline levels. So a year sitting in a classroom near a wireless network is roughly equivalent to 20 minutes on a mobile. If wi-fi should be taken out of schools, then the mobile phone network should be shut down, too–and FM radio and TV, as the strength of their signals is similar to that from wi-fi in classrooms.”

Alasdair Philips, the director of Powerwatch, a lobbying group, who also “runs a company selling electromagnetic radiation detectors and blockers,” according to the Times, and who is apparently not connected to any medical profession or health research background, says, “Electromagnetic radiation exposure guidelines in the UK are designed to protect against gross heating effects. They are not meant to protect against long-term exposure to low levels of pulsing microwaves, such as laptops emit when downloading. We believe that these interfere with the body’s own normal internal electrical and electro-chemical signaling systems, leading to serious health problems, and growing children may be more affected than adults, whose cells are not changing as rapidly.”

I would love someone to design a double-blind experiment that could be easily set up.
I am highly concerned now that there are many individuals who have a serious health ailment that is unrelated to Wi-Fi, but which appears to have a correlation. Since I think it’s unlikely that Wi-Fi is causing their problems, and it’s impossible to tell someone experiencing real discomfort that it’s not true, then the logical outcome would be that either I and many others are wrong and Wi-Fi does cause extremely rapid noticeable health effects in adults, or that an undiagnosed, serious issue is affecting these individuals.

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