5 Cell Phone Radiation Protection Tips

http://www.emfnews.org cell phone radiation is becoming a popular topic among many when it comes to health. Many once believed that the idea of radiation being emitted from these products was just an urban myth. However, after many years of scientific research, it has been established that these telecommunication devices do, in fact, emit some level of danger – with electromagnetic radiation. This happens because in order for a user of these devices to receive a signal to make a receive calls, radio signals must be present. These are transmitted using radio-frequency energy. This form of energy is a type of radiation that is considered to be “electromagnetic”. Here, you will learn about cell phone radiation and how you can avoid the risk with the Blue Tube Headset. www.emfnews.org/qlinks.html When I first learned of the complications that cell phones could potentially pose to individuals, I started conducting research on ways that I could protect myself, as well as my friends and loved ones from this danger without completely eliminating these convenient devices from our lives altogether. It is then I discovered what is referred to as the “airtube headset”. While this was considered to be an effective remedy for many years, eventually I ran across a new product that was referred to as the “Blue Tube Headset”. This device was more structurally sound and seemed to provide a higher shield level from exposure to dangerous energy levels emitted from cell phones. The team that designed this piece actually worked for over a decade to ensure: 1. The product was durable and could be used for an extended amount of time without experiencing damage. 2. It was created with the concept of the airtube headset in mind, but it actually filtered transmissions away from the head and the ear canal. 3. In addition to this, the quality of sound was very clear.

air tube head set


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