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The jury is still out about whether electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and wireless home phones pose health risks. For those concerned about the potential dangers of using mobile devices, here are safety tips provided by the Environmental Health Trust, a nonprofit that researches hazards of using mobile phones, and Pong, a company that makes smartphone cases that redirect radiation away from the heads of users.

1. When on a call, use a wired headset or speakerphone mode. Use a Bluetooth headset, which emits a smaller amount of radiation, only when talking. When not using the headset, keep it off your body.

2. Place the mobile phone away from your body when on a call.

3. Do not carry mobile phones in pockets of pants or in shirts or bras. Use a belt holster designed to shield the body from radiation.

4. Avoid using a mobile phone in a moving car, train, bus, or in rural areas at some distance from a cell tower. Distance from a cell tower will increase the cellphone’s radiation output.

5. Turn the mobile phone off when you don’t need to use it.

6. Use a corded landline phone instead of a wireless phone, which also emits radiation.

7. Avoid using mobile phone inside of buildings, particularly those with steel structures, which increases the device’s radiation output because signals are not as strong.

8. Do not allow children, whose bodies are more vulnerable to absorbing radiation, to sleep with a cellphone beneath their pillow or keep it at the bedside.
9. Do not allow children under 18 to use a mobile phone except in emergencies.

10. When making a call, do not hold the phone to your ear until after the person on the other line answers. The device emits more radiation before a call goes through.

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The Dangers Of Mobile Phone Radiation & Wireless Technology

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Mobile, Portable, Cordless and Cell phones, and Wireless (WiFi) Internet Technology give off the most aggressive form of electromagnetic radiation known to man, because interferes with subtle invisible brain waves and is damaging to the DNA in our body cells.

We are constantly discovering new noxious low-frequency EMF, such as Digital Television, for example, and now we have found out about a new noxious Digital Radiation coming right off the screen of the new iPhones. Upon doing further research, we have now come up with new ways to combat these new noxious energies.

WiFi / Mobile Phone Radiation Shields are designed to eliminate noxious radiation emissions. These WiFi / Mobile Phone Radiation Shields creates a healthy life-force energy field which scatters the microwave emission and at the same time reducing the ‘hot head’ syndrome which usually accompanies mobile/ cell phone users.

Did you know that WiFi technology is just as damaging as Cell Phone Radiation? You can now place a WiFi Radiation Protection Shield directly computer to protect you in wireless internet cafes, or place on your wireless internet modem or card, to protect you from these noxious WiFi beams.

Did you know that any portable phone handset, cordless phone at home or in your office emits noxious electromagnetic radiation and microwave fields? Simply place a Mobile Phone Radiation Shield inside your phone under the battery or place and adhesive Mobile Phone Protection Shield on the back of the device near the aerial, and your portable phone will no longer cause you damage every time you use it. These protection shields are suitable for all mobile phones, portable phones, cordless phones and cell phones.

Mobile Phone Protection Shields also act as a Personal Space Clearer, giving you ten metres of protection everywhere you go, when you take your Mobile Phone, Notebook computer or any other device that has one of our Radiation Protection shields in it.

WiFi / Laptop / Mobile Phone Radiation Shields will protect you, your friends and your loved ones from causing any further harm while using this technology. Not only do these shields put the oxygen back into the air that this technology removes while using these devices but they also work as a person Space Protector, giving you a radiation protection field of around ten metres wherever you go. An absolute must for every type of cell phone, mobile phone or portable desk / home phone, any wireless internet connection or modem and every desktop and laptop computer.

WiFi / Mobile Phone Protection Shields prevents that burning hothead and nauseous feeling while engaged on the phone or even when the phone is in your pocket. These shields give you 100% protection and also prevent further DNA damage from the direct signals to your phone, internet modem or laptop. This can be easily verified through muscle testing (kinesiology), biofeedback machines or pulse testing. Our non-adhesive slides in under your battery. The advantage of this is that you can transfer it over to your new phone every time you update it. Or we have an Adhesive version that can be placed on the back of your phone, wireless internet modem or computer.

We know that you will be more than impressed with the level of improvement in your health and well-being, using our Orgone Energy & Schumann Resonance products, made using our unique Orgonium technology.

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Cell Phone Radiation, Cell Phone Radiation Protection

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