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February 8, 2012

Cell phone radiations might cause cancer, according to world health organization, which until now they said that there were no known health risk associated with cell phone or tablet use. The WHO’s international agency for Research on Cancer has now tied mobile phone radiation to an increased risk for brain tumor.

The advent of smart phones had caused the world to move forward into the future. From simple text or calls, mobile phones are capable of almost everything, from taking pictures and videos, listening to music, to surfing the internet. Smart phone today has become more like a mobile computer; light wait more than laptop, rather than a mobile phone.

Other than smart phones, tablets such as the popular iPad by apple Inc, as well as other brands like Samsung Galaxy, LG, and Sony Ericsson has also gained a lot of popularity today.

According to latest technology Philippine news, smart phone and tablets has been useful for many, it has also caused a number of health problems for those who spend too much time in front their tablets and smart phones.

According to experts, many users of smart phones and tablets alike had started to experience a number of pains in their thumbs wrist, as well as in their necks. Expert has warned that the strain injuries stemming from long period spent starting at small screens and typing at tiny keys can be debilitating. And the injuries are becoming more common as high-tech gadgets grow ever more popular.

As well as hand injuries, experts point to problems among smart phone and tablet users arising from hour spent leaning over tiny screens.

Affects in social life: Other than effect in health of smart phones and tablets may also risk a number of ailments in terms of social relationship. The biggest at-risk group is children and teenagers who are heavy users of latest phones and gadgets. I know families were people communicate from one room to another via text messages.

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Cell Phones Radiation | Kids Are More Exposed and Vulnerable Than Adults

Cell Phone Phone Radiation, Cell Phone Phone Radiation Protection

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06 December 2011

I am sure you have already found that risks and dangers stand behind every corner. Here is the next one called cell phones radiation. When I got familiar with this issue, I suddenly remembered how many times I have let my toddler playing with my mobile or “speaking” with his grandmas. I know you will not throw away your phone when you read this, but hope that it will at least make you smarter when using a cell phone, buying a new one and especially when your kids are nearby such a device.

What is Cell Phones Radiation?

I won’t give you a lesson on cell phones radiation. I will just say that mobile phones emit energy in waves (electromagnetic radiation or EMR) that penetrates the human head and body. And what’s the big deal with this? Television, computers, coffee blenders, hair dryers, and even the vacuum cleaners, they all emit EMR…

In order to sell mobile phones in the USA the manufacturer has to receive an approval from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). To get that approval there should be SAR (specific absorption rate) tests done. In other words, the manufacturer should prove that the radiation emitted by his phones are within the FCC standards of acceptable radiation absorbed by a cell phone user’s brain and body.

You will ask what the problem is? Actually, there are a few:

– usually cell phones radiation tests are done by the manufacturer himself or by Telecommunications Certification Bodies. The latter take active part in determining the compliance of cell phones together with FCC;
– current SAR measurement is based on animal studies done in the late 70s and early 80s;

– FCC standards give adults only a thin margin of safety over radiation levels that harm animals;
– the cell phones radiation standards ignore children.

Cell phones radiation effects & Why kids are at greater risk?

The World Health Organization classifies cell phones radiation on the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) scale in Group 2B, which means possibly carcinogenic. Long-term (over 10 years) cell phone users can get

– glioma: brain tumor,
– acoustic neuroma: tumor of the nerve that connects the year to the brain,
– parotid gland tumors.

Cell phones are around for 2 decades only. I imagine that you are old enough to have had a childhood without cell phones. What about our kids? Approximately at 15 years of age they will be already considered long-term users. Moreover, research shows that kids have thinner and softer skull, which means that their heads absorb more radiation that adults. A recent study of Danish kids that use cell phones and whose mothers have also used cell phones during pregnancy reveals that they are 80% more likely to have hyperactivity and emotional problems. What would these same kids suffer when they reach our age?

How to reduce kids’ exposure to cell phones radiation?

1. Don’t let kids to use cell phones. If this is necessary, it is better for them to send text messages or use a headset or speaker rather than speaking on the phone.
2. Buy them a low-radiation phone. Check the EWG Guide to choose a cell phone with the lowest possible radiation.
3. Don’t let your kids use any antenna caps or keypad covers. This forces the cell phone to use more power and consequently to emit more radiation.

4. Don’t let your baby or toddler play with cell phones.

Next time when you plan to buy a cell phone, apart from the look and features, consider also the radiation level. Be informed and take the best decisions to protect your family and yourself.

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