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Although the FDA takes a neutral position on cell phone radiation our government has known of its problems for some time. During the Cold War the American Embassy in Moscow was “micro-waved” by the Russian Embassy. The American ambassador became ill and was soon diagnosed with leukemia. His replacement also became ill and was diagnosed with leukemia. Embassy staff members became ill. After an investigation it was learned that low level frequencies, like cell phone radiation, were responsible. Furthermore, after extensive study the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency warned all of its personnel of risks from low-level radiation. (Just FYI, microwave radiation and cell phone radiation is basically the same.)

Dr. George Carlo, the lead scientist for the largest research study ever conducted on cell phone radiation, recently made the following statement:

“When you put all the science together, we come to the irrefutable conclusion that there’s a major health crisis coming, probably already underway. Not just cancer, but also learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and psychological and behavioral problems–all mediated by the same mechanism. That’s why we’re so worried. Time is running out. When you put the pieces of the puzzle together, it’s such a wide-ranging problem. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.”

Consider a few facts about cell phone radiation:
* Talking on a cell phone 500 to 1000 minutes a month increases the probability of brain cancer by 300%
* Cell phone radiation has been shown to damage or break DNA
* Cell phone radiation causes the blood-brain barrier to leak
* Teenagers talk on cell phones an average of 2600 minutes a month
* Cell phone radiation is responsible for a 30% reduction in sperm count in men who carry cell phones on belts

Cell phone radiation is everywhere. In fact, the exposure to our children today is one hundred million times worse than the exposure of their grandparents. That’s not a good thing because the damage done by cell phone radiation can be more damaging to kids than adults. Children have softer bones allowing the radiation to penetrate deeper.

Just recently Europe’s top environmental watchdog group called for immediate action to reduce exposure to cell phone radiation. The German government is also advising its people to avoid cell phone radiation by using wired connections instead of WiFi and to use landline phones instead of cell phones. Understanding that cell phone radiation is a problem for kids, the British government advised parents to restrict cell phone use to children over 12 years of age. The U.S. government remains silent. Sometimes money and politics are strong adversaries of truth.

Cell phones were the only radiation-emitting devices ever sold to the public without ANY pre-market safety testing. Does that trouble you? And get this. So many people today are using these devices that you don’t have to personally own one to be exposed to cell phone radiation. It’s like second-hand smoke. And since wireless information is now being beamed from satellites in space (how do you think a GPS device works?) there is no escaping its exposure anywhere on our planet.

For many years we were told that tobacco, lead and asbestos were safe. Many found out otherwise after it was too late. It’s time to understand what’s going on here. Cell phone radiation just might be the biggest toxin of this century. Let’s not be fooled again. Radiation roulette is not a game we want to play.

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January 28th, 2012

If use your cell from dusk to dawn like so many of us then you are sending direct dosages of radiation to your brain. If you use your blue tooth plastered to your ear guess what… Now you might say well it hasn’t killed me yet! Well you might want to read this:
EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) have been widely researched and questions about cell phone radiation safety are considered unsettled. Several research teams from various countries report a higher risk of developing brain and salivary gland cancer among high-volume, long-term cell phone users compared to people who use cell phones less often. Other research teams have found that cell phone radiation may cause serious problems in children, spur neurological changes in adults, and damage sperm.

Here are some of the great benefits of the EMF Chip and Safety Tips:

Using the speaker phone reduces radiation to the head as do headsets which emit significantly less radiation than cell phones.

Use the CieAura EMF Chip and replace it every 4 to 8 weeks. The EMF Chip counteracts your cell phone’s emissions and fortifies the body’s natural resistance to EMFs which occur from cell phones, especially in concentrated areas of the body, such as your ears and brains.

When possible, text instead of talk; it takes less power to send a text message than to send a voice message (talk) which means less radiation. Also, texting keeps radiation away from your head.

Fewer signal bars on your phone means that it omits more radiation trying to get the signal to the tower. Take or make calls when your phone has a strong signal. If you have a poor signal, STAY OFF THE PHONE.

Researchers in the U.S., France and Japan have reported that children’s brains absorb twice as much radiation compared to adults because of children’s thinner skulls and because of their brains higher water and ion (charged particle) content, all factors which enhance radiation penetration. We recommend limiting your child’s phone use.

Radiation shields such as antenna caps or keypad covers reduce the connection quality and force the phone to transmit at a higher power with higher radiation. At the moment, public health agencies in the U.S. and other countries unanimously recommend against the use of such devices since they are untested and don’t undergo government review.

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