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January 18, 2012 by Martin Vika

Firstly, it’s vital to point out that this short report is NOT one of my many tips or secrets related to saving an absolute fortune on your Mobile Phone expenses. It’s about something even more serious and that is – your health and quality of life!

Now it’s important for me to mention at this stage that I am not a scientist or a doctor, however being a person closely involved in the mobile phone industry for many years I wanted to give you a strong insight into the concerns about Mobile Phone Radiation and the protection you need from EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation). You can then draw your own conclusions on this subject and make your own decisions.

Later in this report, I will give you some tips and pointers to ensure you are far less at risk by using some simple mobile phone radiation protection techniques!

Ok, so let’s get straight into it shall we?

In 2001 a leading Australian Scientist began researching a link between Mobile Phones and Cancer. These were some of his findings:

Phone companies are insisting that mobile phones only omit low levels of radiation, but tests have shown that even exposure to low levels of radiation CAN be harmful

Long periods of time exposed to EMR can cause changes to cell structure and could ultimately lead to brain tumours

In June of 2004 a prominent neurosurgeon also carried out some research between Mobile Phones and Brain Tumours. Some of his findings were:

A 40% increase over the last 20 years (since the beginning of Mobile Technology) in Brain Tumours

Brain Tumours are now the No:1 threat for children overtaking LEUKAEMIA

Most of his Tumour patients had developed these Tumours just above the ear on the same side that they use their mobile phone

Strange Coincidence or FACT? Certainly it’s enough information to make you stand up and take notice.

Some other interesting facts to come out of tests on this subject were:

EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) can cause problems with the following:

The Reproductive System

Your Eyes

Memory and Reaction Times

Sleeping Patterns

Headaches, Dizziness and Nausea

Now don’t panic just yet because there are some ways to reduce your exposure to EMR or what’s commonly known as “”Mobile Phone Radiation””

Here are some TIPS that I would recommend – for protection against mobile phone radiation.

First and foremost – try to reduce the AMOUNT of calls you make and receive on a mobile phone and where possible use your home phone. (Now here’s a Quick tip on this point too: – try to avoid the cordless phone because they are not much better!)

Take a look at the actual LENGTH of your calls because the longer the call the higher the possibility of more exposure to radiation.

I’m sure that if you’ve ever had an extremely long call you will recognise the signs like excessive heat around the ear area. This should be avoided as often as possible

Remember that if you’re using a portable hands-free (with a speaker & cord that runs up into your ear) you are NOT necessarily safe.

A controversial test in the UK had shown that radiation can actually travel up the cord and into your ear which can be even more harmful accelerating the damage being done.

Try to avoid keeping the phone ON or NEAR your body because there have even been links to infertility in men – (Frightening isn’t it!)

Ensure you get your point across and get off the phone! In other words, use your mobile phone for what you NEED to say and then end the call as soon as you can…

I wouldn’t recommend using your mobile to make lots of SOCIAL CALLS (these are usually quite lengthy in nature)… You could be frying your head while you’re gossiping.

Also avoid long calls BEFORE going to bed. Tests show that your quality of sleep suffers greatly as a result.

Finally, the best recommendation I can give is EXACTLY what I do myself and that is…

You might like to consider getting yourself a mobile phone with an inbuilt SPEAKERPHONE – In other words a Mobile Phone that has an inbuilt HANDS-FREE feature to give you ultimate mobile phone radiation protection!

This way you’ll be able to actually place the mobile phone infront or away from you – for example on a table, and speak and listen to the other person – WITHOUT having the Mobile Phone near your head or ANY part of your body for that matter…

It could take 10-15 years before we really know the TRUTH about Mobile Phone Radiation and the effects of EMR’s. In the meantime, don’t be a person that ends up with a brain tumour just because the Mobile Phone industry is trying to protect its financial interests at the expense of you and your family’s HEALTH!

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Are Cell Phones The Most Effective Way Of Creating Brain Tumors?

Cell Phone Radiation, Cell Phone Radiation Protection

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by Lloyd on November 30, 2010

In this post I would like to share with you a presentation on what can only be described as the most state of the art report on electromagnetic fields and health risks that currently exists, you will learn:
– How it is that there are 30 years of scientific studies on the adverse health effects of exposures to EMFs, and they are being virtually ignored
– That once more, the evidence is there, it just doesn’t seem like it is because of industry propaganda
– That existing safety standards for EMF are thousands of times too high
– That we need to act now, individually for instance by taking measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from cell phone radiation, though this is only part of the problem, and collectively by voicing our opinions to those that are in positions of power
Cindy Sage*: The word ‘EMF’, or electromagnetic field, is a broad one and contained in it are the things that evolved around electric appliances and power lines, extremely low frequency fields. The EMF issue also encompasses radio frequency radiation and microwave radiation. And, those are emissions that you get from cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Max Wireless communications. So, it’s really broadly all those things that give us electric power or that give us the ability to communicate in a wireless fashion. There are emissions and they have important biological effects.

In 2006, a group of scientists met at the Bio-Electric Magnetic Society Annual Meeting in Mexico. We presented a mini symposium on electromagnetic fields and radio frequency radiation to highlight a couple of things. The first was to focus on the science, these are the studies that we believe show an effect at levels that are everyday levels. Secondly, to talk about what kind of precautionary actions countries are taking around the world. My part of this was to summarize the world’s response to EMF issues in terms of precautionary or preventative actions.

The BioInitiative Working Group is a group that grew out of the meeting in Mexico. There was a lot of debate at that scientific conference about why it is that there are 30 year’s worth of scientific studies documenting bio-effects and adverse health effects from these exposures, and yet we are still living with the same old standards we’ve had for years.

The Working Group decided that we would write a state of the art report on electromagnetic fields and health risks. And we would use this to alert the people in the world whose mission is to translate science into good public health policy, and to tell the public what these findings are.

We, as a group, looked at more than 2,000 studies. These are peer reviewed, published science, they’re not someone’s casual opinion. We covered brain tumors, Alzheimers, breast cancer, and the effects on the immune system. Many people become electrically sensitive, they become hypersensitive to exposures. The number of hypersensitive people is growing as we expose more people on a chronic, daily basis to these emissions, so we can expect that number to increase. These people will be most susceptible to the effects of radiation.

Several people came at the issue from a public health viewpoint. We have enough evidence now as regards cancer and neurological problems to ask what is the appropriate public health response. There is industry influence preventing action. The book “Late Lessons From Early Warnings”, by David Gee, details a list of problems that assumed huge proportions simply by being ignored initially.

We asked David Gee to look at electromagnetic issues and asked, “Do we have enough now as an early warning, and is the consequence of doing nothing so great that we should be doing more?” And, the answer is yes.

The response in Europe was massive, we were swamped with request for media coverage. After our report was released, a major public health agency called for a new policy, a new study, and new preventative actions. All major European newspapers covered the BioInitiative Report.

In the United States, we have seen absolutely no coverage. It’s very disappointing to see that the silence in our media, our print, in our broadcast media, is absolute. These are not just European health issues, these are issues in the United States, and they’re going to cost all our societies very dearly if we don’t pay attention.
We are seeing brain tumor risk increase at 10 years or less of cell phone use. Almost everything else that can cause brain tumors takes 20 years for these tumors to show up. It means that cell phones are a very effective way of creating brain tumors, and it’s happening in half the time.

Existing standards for EMF are thousands of times too high. The standards do not protect human health. Cost to society is going to is going to be enormous, both on human and financial terms. The old standards simply do not protect human beings from the damaging effects of EMF, we need standards based on biological grounds, not on how hot something might become. Unless we take the steps now to protect populations from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, we may well reap a harvest of misery and death in the near future.

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