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January 4, 2012

All Bluetooth headsets and Technology wireless emit microwave radiation. Microwave frequencies have shorter wavelengths and the rapid rate of oscillation. This is what allows them to travel long distances without the need to bring information contained in the wire.

Short wavelength oscillation frequency microwave and quickly also makes them adept is able to penetrate living tissue to the level of cell Bluetooth Headset. This characteristic is to use microwave frequencies for weapons. By beaming microwave radiation. Using this type of wireless technology Bluetooth headsets put themselves in the field microwave radiation. Effects of exposure to microwave radiation on the body long term has been documented in countless studies over several decades.

Microwave radiation has been shown to affect biological changes in the body. These biological changes occur at the cellular level and their effects can be passed on to offspring through genetic damage (DNA, RNA). In using the Bluetooth Headset shows the brain, ear and eye for a strong field of microwave radiation. Bluetooth technology uses the same microwave radiation as cell phones to transmit data to do to receive calls. The only difference is the range. A cell phone antenna to capture signals from cell phone towers and satellites, while receiving radiation Bluetooth Headset technology from a few feet away you are using. Bluetooth radiation has been even less tested than the existing mobile phone radiation on you and you are using. The absences of formal studies have been possible that Bluetooth radiation is safe.

Bluetooth headset is not based on research that proves Bluetooth radiation is safe, but rather on the lack of research that proves it is not safe. This type of hollow safety is a technique used by companies to buy time for new technologies because time equals money in your daily life. Bluetooth Headset technology for use by consumers without regulatory or premarket testing, which is exactly how the phone has been approved. However, apparently felt the need to review the agreement on the phone as a replacement to a recent study conducted by the life work that shows mobile phone users have a greater risk of developing the same side where they use their phone. Bluetooth Headset functions in the same radio frequency as mobile phones.

Bluetooth technology (wireless keyboards, printers, etc.) emit microwave radiation the same as headsets and pose similar health problems. Bluetooth headsets are very popular now been largely for the transmission of voice and other applications such as listening to music. And although there are mobile phones more and more mobile that also offered which is also Bluetooth capable, this headset is still quite expensive. But here at Bluetooth Headset offers you a super cheap Bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth wireless headsets we meet the high standards of all other Bluetooth headset that is why you are certain that they are very capable and very efficient. Get your Bluetooth wireless headset is now only at sites that have been available and at very cheap prices. We also offer free shipping for all your orders.

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