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January 7, 2012

Microwave Radiation Affects The Heart: Are The Results Real Or Are They Due To Interference?

We heard from many people who acknowledged that they experience heart palpitations in certain environments and are unable to use mobile phones and be near cell phone antennas and Wi-Fi routers. We also learned that some students in schools with Wi-Fi experience a racing heart. Cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, believes that those who have undiagnosed heart conditions may be particularly vulnerable to radio frequency radiation.

In the past we were concerned about the radiation from a microwave oven affecting heart monitors. Those heart monitors have been improved and are now shielded against radio frequency radiation. Our hearts are NOT shielded and our exposure to radio frequency radiation includes not only microwave ovens but mobile phones, cell phone antennas, wireless routers, smart meters, wireless computer games, blue tooth, and wireless baby monitors.
Our study was criticized and the claim was made that our results were due to electromagnetic interference (EMI).

EMI refers to disruption of an electronic circuit with an electromagnetic signal. A common example is the static you hear as you drive under high voltage transmission lines with your radio tuned to an AM station. The static on the radio is EMI.

In our experiment the radiation from the cordless phone may have affected the receiver, placed near the heart, creating spurious results. If this were the case, the signal would interfere each time but that did not happen. We were convinced our results were real (i.e. that we were recording changes in the heart rather than changes in the equipment) but the criticism of EMI was worth testing.
Was there a critical distance where the radiation from the cordless phone interfered with the equipment we were using?

So we designed an experiment to test for EMI. The results are in our new video. Click here to watch the video.

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EMF Year in Review — Good but not Great, Too Little Too Late

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January 8, 2012

The year 2011 was an amazing year from the standpoint of official recognition of EMF hazards–
1. The World Health Organization classified radio frequency radiation as a class 2B (possible) carcinogen, in the same category as lead and DDT.
2. The Council of Europe recognized of the potential dangers of EMF, from mobile telephones to mobile phone towers to cordless telephones to WiFi/WLAN to baby monitors to anything emitting continuous pulse waves.
3. From Canada to Russia to Spain and to the UK, came official warnings aboutchildren’s use of cell phones, children being amongst one of the most vulnerable population groups.
4. The battle against wireless smart meters has grown, with grassroots efforts in many states and in many countries worldwide. Most notably, there were at least 47 cities or counties in California and 26 cities in Canada opposed to smart meters. The right to opt-out was achieved in Maine.
5. The Council of Europe even called for special measures to protect electrosensitivepersons, acknowledging the research of Dominique Belpomme on over 200 electrosensitive persons.

At the same time, a future more ominous than ever before lies ahead.
1. At least 9 million wireless smart meters have been installed by PG&E in California alone, with approximately 85,000 customers on the list to avoid the installation, according to ABC News. That’s not to mention the other utility companies in California, the other US states, and the other countries in the world which are now getting smart meters, and those to come for 2012. How many more millions of smart meters will be deployed in 2012? With so few customers calling for opt-out, what will happen to the 99% exposed to this 24×7 radiation?

2. The new Federal wireless broadband initiative will put many more at stake. SeeThe EMR Policy Institute for more information.
3. The latest consumer wireless devices are more popular than ever before, and many are radiating more continually than before with a potentially more dangerous pulsed radiation than before. Despite official proclamations, most people are still in the dark about the dangers of EMF. 25 million tablets were sold in 2011, according to USA today. 6.8 million android and iOS devices were activated on Christmas day alone, compared to 2.8 million the year before. Stories of babies playing with iPads are not uncommon. There is still a gaping disconnect between science and public perception.

4. Wi-Fi has been deployed in increasing numbers of schools. Although some schools have removed Wi-Fi out of health concerns and public attention to the health issues have increased, e.g., in Canada, many more schools can be expected to add Wi-Fi.

5. Misleading studies continue to be advertised in the media:
A. Cell phones & brain tumors: A report on a Danish study claiming to show no link is criticized for the same gaping flaws present in the original Danish study.

B. Smart meter radiation: Again and again is the utilities’ deceptive message is that the smart meter radiation is less than typical home wireless appliances, despite a utility report which has now conceded a whopping 2.5 Watts and an average of almost 10,000 signals per day.
C. Electrosensitivity: Most stories that raise awareness of electrosensitivity are followed by a counter-response with a deceptive note, for example, stating that studies show individuals are unable to detect radiation in double-blind experiments. This is done without providing the critique of such studies, which may be industry-funded.
Although a small group of EMF activists knows the truth and continues to debunk study after study, and although they have accomplished increasing government awareness, the prospects for government regulation & reform, and mass education of the public to see past all the deception is daunting.

Will 2012 be a year of promise or a year of despair?

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