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November 15, 2011

Mobile phone usage is increasing every year. There are many debates about the potential health risks of its use. This article focuses about the effect of mobile phone radiation on our health.
Mobile phone recycling has been popular concept these days, which helps prevent environmental risks caused by mobile phones. It truly is found in research that the gadget is dangerous not only as a trash, but it also speeds up threat to health during the usage too. The effect of mobile phone radiation on our well-being and fitness has long been a popular topic for discussion these days.

The research from the World Health Organisation and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has identified mobile phone usage has the possible cause for glioma, a malignant type of brain melanoma. The fact is that several studies have already shown that the effects of radiation from mobile phones are considered hazardous to the user, and customers need to know about this to take appropriate action. These facts demonstrate that an excessive amount of usage of mobile phone may also raise the risk of other illnesses just like brain tumour, genetic damage, uneasy brain function as well as other physiological complaints.

However, right now we live and work in such a globe where we cannot afford to live without using mobile phones. For this reason, the particular only real method to get into this mounting drawback is usually to discover reliable usage of mobile phone. Retailers who sell mobiles should also be responsible to provide advice to consumers on how to minimise the mobile phone radiation.

Techniques to ensure risk-free as well as strong usage of mobile phone.
* Influence of mobile phone radiations turn out to be high when our body is attached to the source. So, it is wise to help keep it away from your body and fix a handset/headset to the mobile phone for communications. This helps evade direct contact related to the radiation hazard source and our areas of the body like ears and head.
* Use of phone should be firmly avoided when driving since this can be rather unsafe, in some cases causing demise in mishaps.
* Your phone probably will be disinfected once in a while using disinfectants, and that is particularly applicable for medical professionals. There is a high chance of phones carrying bacteria of a variety of illnesses from centres dispersing infection at home and surroundings.
*Use your land-line coverage as much as possible when you are at home and also tell other people to call at landlines only.
* Whilst taking a home, make an effort not to select a house close mobile towers. Additionally, circumvent status around mobile towers.

However, there are specific regulations to control the amount of radiation hazard coming from a tower. It is always better to be secure. If you are residing yourself to near a mobile tower, shifting your house would be the best solution.

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Effects & meaning of Electromagnetic Radiation!

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NOVEMBER 9, 2011

Electromagnetic radiation ( EMR ) is energy in waves ( like visible light ), emitted from a source. It travels at the speed of light. This energy is both electrical & magnetic. The waves alternate rapidly, from positive to negative in electrical terms., & from north to south pole in magnetic terms. Electricity& magnetism are very closely related in nature. For example, when an alternating magnetic wave penetrates a body ( including yours ) an alternating electric current will flow inside that body. Electromagnetic radiation from a source , & weakens with increasing distance until it becomes too small to measure. http://eco-friendly-ctn.blogspot.com/2011/11/effects-meaning-of-electromagnetic.html

A strong EMF can be due to a powerful source of radiation far away, or a weak radiation source very close by. That is why the EMF your body experiences from your cell phone ( when you make a call ) is much stronger than the EMF you experience from the cell phone tower. ( Although the cell phone is a weak radiation source , it is located very close to your person, whereas the much more powerful cell tower is located thousands of times further away ). Extremely Low Frequency ( ELF ) radiation will actually penetrate concrete pillars , concrete slabs & metal sheets & of course human flesh & bone.
Penetration is a Key issue when it comes to EMR health effects.

Modified Currents and Voltage generate oscillation of the electrical and magnetic field, which propagates in space.The electric & magnetic components oscillate at right angles to each other, these waves are termed as Electro Magnetic Radiations ( EMRs).The Cell phone Towers emit electro magnetic rays with a frequency of 1900 MHz. With this high frequency, they can easily pass through human bodies & concrete walls. Our immune system can be harmfully affected when these EMR rays pass through our body Cell phone towers radioactivity can thus affect every living thing in one square kilometers.

People who live in a high- EMF Neighbourhood — Anyone who lives within range of Electric power lines or cell phone Towers for several ( Five ? ) years or more ( and especially children ). The range depends on the electromagnetic field strength & distribution pattern. Generally 400 meters or more seems to be a safe distance for most power lines/Cell phone Towers. It is worth noting that when the body is overwhelmed by too much electromagnetic radiation, health effects can occur many years later.

In India Telecom Department have not made compulsary in most sites with ‘warning signs’ visible,saying “Danger RF Radiations, do not enter , restricted Area ” as in case of High Tension Power Transmission Electric lines are seen with Danger signs.

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