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November 16th, 2011

It’s interesting that people view a good deal in regards to the challenges of Cell Phones on television lately. I’ve noted articles within the u . s . states Today, New You’ll be able to Occasions, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and also on TV on CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC. What concerns me is always that there has been studies in Europe in 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999 but it absolutely was as if there’s a media blackout within america. And understand it was when cell phones were shifting from the 3 major major Watt phones which is a lot more energy and for that reason, more micro-wave intensity.

Quite simply, they were much worse in individuals days for your human bio system, as well as the antennas were higher quality too, as well as the cell towers were further apart calculating 7-miles or maybe more, today a great deal a lot more like 3-miles. This greater energy setting and bigger antennas means more brain cookage! In individuals days i had been told there’s nothing to concern yourself with perfectly harmless, now we uncover, well, really they weren’t.

There’s an amazing the review article on Kurzweil’s Accelerating Intelligence online recently on May 24, 2011 titled “Disconnect: The Real Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, Just what the Industry Is Doing to pay for It, and the way to guard Your Loved OnesInch – Devra Davis, launched by Dutton Adult, 2010. It review states

“Much-anticipated, explosive expose of techniques cell phone use damages cognitive capabilities, specifically in children, by one of the world’s foremost scientific experts inside the area – a variety of recent and extended hidden research in this timely bombshell. Cell phone radiation can be a national emergency. Stunningly, the most used gadget within our age has been shown to interrupt DNA, break lower the brain’s protection, minimizing sperm fertility while growing forgetfulness, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, in addition to cancer.”

The truth is, this can be a gentleman who written a whole book round the subject, not just a cutesy article for mainstream media. It’s all the studies, research, including these latest studies everyone is reading through through about showing how a cell phone radiation is resulting in DNA to breakdown, that the cell phones are cancer leading to.

That’s just frightening stuff, and just how about pregnant moms utilizing their cell phones shackled by their sides while using the blue-tooth around the ear. Their brains feel at ease because situation, but wait, how may be the developing fetus doing there, I request? Still more questions, however when you would really like some real solutions, I guess I’d recommend this book for you personally too. Please consider all this.

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NOVEMBER 16, 2011

The upper limit is so high that within next few years the health of 1 crore Indians could be affected. But if the recommendations of the Inter-Ministerial Report submitted by Experts on Cell Phone Towers radiation submitted to Department of Telecommunications are accepted then soon there will be stricter restrictions on towers being installed near high density residential areas & schools. At present we follow

ICNRIP guide lines for radiation which allow radiation rate of 9.2 watts per sq. mtre. to be limited. The report recommends this level should come down by one-tenth. At the same time the report clearly states that the safe limit for our health is 1000 times less than even the recommended limit. Experts, like Prof. Girish Kumar , Hd.of Dept.for Electrical Engg. IIT , Bombay, the harmful effects of radiation who worked for more than three decades who is still not very optimistic!

The number of people having health problems is more in the areas where radiation limits are high, India has adopted the worst radiation norms in the entire world. ” said Prof. Kumar. It is understood from print media long time ago that The Indian council of Medical Research ( ICMR ) has flagged off a large scale research project to examine the health impact of mobile tower radiation.

Only for the sake of multi-crore business being bottom line in this industry of cell phones, Health of Indians not being the priority , the Deptts. like TRAI , DoT, & Telecom ministry of India & above all Political & Cut money policy , all are sleeping on the Reports submitted by Experts, corruption like , there is no sign of implementation of the report which will soon complete 2 years soon after its submission.

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