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September 26, 2011

The boss of one of the Westcountry’s leading food companies has called for more research into claims that mobile phones could cause cancer.
Brian Stein says early research is increasingly indicating the danger of excessive mobile phone use and Wi-Fi networks to some users, especially children.
Earlier this year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified radiation emitted by mobile phones as a possible cancer risk, with a similar threat to lead and the banned pesticide DDT.

And the European Commission also issued a warning saying that individuals should be protected from low-frequency radiation emitted by cell phones, masts and Wi-Fi systems.
Mr Stein, 62, said: “Much more research is needed.
“Meanwhile, people should be protected from this potential hazard in public places, schools and their homes.”
Mr Stein, the chief group executive of Samworth Brothers, a partner company of Tamar Foods and Gingsters
in Callington, South East Cornwall, began suffering the effects of low-frequency radiation six years ago when he experienced pain when using his mobile phone.

“I began getting weird sensations in my ear if I went near a computer or TV, any electrical equipment with a microchip” he said.
“I took the view that I was a freak and kept quiet, but it was difficult because I couldn’t drive a modern car with computers on board.”
Mr Stein’s research eventually led him to the diagnosis that he is electro-sensitive, a condition he shares with several thousand people in the UK.

Electro sensitivity is caused by the thousands of magnetic fields that surround us, from mobile and cordless phones to other wireless devices, including car sat-nav kits. The symptoms include sleep problems, headaches, tinnitus and earache, chest pains, loss of memory, poor concentration and depression.

Fellow sufferer and top DJ Steve Miller, who lives near Falmouth, says he has had to cancel lucrative gigs around the world due to the condition, including sets this year at Glastonbury and Ibiza.

Mr Miller, known to fans of club music as Afterlife, gets headaches and dizziness near Wi-Fi signals and now carries a detector grading the danger levels from one to five.
He said: “A Wi-Fi signal between one and two causes me to feel depressed and irritable, but between three and five gives me a splitting headache followed by dizziness and slight nausea.

If I walk down the main street these days I feel light-headed and can’t stop or go into any of the shops so have decided to give that part of town a wide berth.”
According to Mr Stein, who spoke at the annual conference of support group Electrosensitivity UK on Saturday, the issue is taken more seriously in Europe and other parts of the world.
In May the European Parliamentary Assembly issued a report which recommended the use of Wi-Fi be restricted in public places and schools.

It urged a precautionary
approach and a revision of the current thresholds in order not to repeat past mistakes made with asbestos, leaded petrol and tobacco.
The declaration that low-level radiation is a cancer risk was based on evidence in published studies that intensive use of mobile phones might lead to an increased risk of glioma, a malignant form of brain cancer.
Luxembourg Socialist MEP Jean Huss said the resolution “delivered a clear wake-up call” that EU member states should take precautionary measures.

The UK Health Protection Agency (HPA), while acknowledging the previous international studies, has stopped short of admitting that low-level radiation causes cancer.
An HPA spokesman said there was “no clear scientific evidence” of a cancer risk at levels below international guidelines, but admitted that “the possibility remains”.
“Given the possibility of long-term cancer effects, excessive use of mobile phones by children should be discouraged,” the spokesman added.

“Exposures from Wi-Fi are much less than from mobile phones, and well within
international guidelines, so there is no reason why schools and others should not continue to use the technology.”
Mr Stein said he was not calling for a ban on mobile phones or Wi-Fi networks, but that sensible precautions are taken, including the siting of mobile phone masts.

“In many European countries Wi-Fi is banned from schools. Children can still access wireless, but it is hard-wired into their classrooms, so they are not exposed to radiation.
“When we officially recognise that electromagnetic fields do cause cancer, then we may find a solution.”

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Its Those Subtle Adverse Effects You Need To Watch Out For
Electrosensitivity, like any chronic disease brings with it its share of hardship and suffering. But this pales in comparison to what Steve Cooper endured.

Steve spent more than 40 hours a week building power microwave amplifiers for the base stations of cell towers. He developed numerous, seemingly unrelated, symptoms, which eventually lead to Toxic Encephalopathy (brain damage due to toxic exposure), a brain tumor and cancer.
Sadly, aged just 48 years old, Steve Cooper succumbed to his symptoms.

Desperate to determine whether a link existed between her husbands exposure and his illness, his wife Carleigh Cooper began researching the effects of cell phone radiation on the human body. She wrote a book on her findings called Cell Phones and The Dark Deception. In it she states:
“ I realize that Steve’s exposure was greater than any you might experience. Nevertheless, research reveals that even the smallest injuries resulting from this type of exposure can eliminate and progress. In other words prior to developing any permanent, recognizable damage from cell phone use, such as cancer, brain tumors, brain damage, or Alzheimer’s disease, other adverse effects slowly and subtly creep in under the radar.”

It is precisely these subtle adverse effects that we all, given that pretty much everyone on the planet is exposed in some way to EMFs, need to keep our eye on.
Here is a brief (all too) interview with Carleigh Cooper and the transcript is shown below:

Cell Phones and the Dark Deception
Gary: “Our guest’s late husband, for 16 years, tested and repaired the power microwave amplifiers for the base stations of cell towers. He developed numerous, seemingly unrelated symptoms which eventually lead to brain damage, brain tumor, cancer. Desperate to determine whether a link existed between her husband exposure and his illness, our guest Carleigh Cooper began researching the effects of cell phone radiation on the human body and what she found is the basis of an eye opening book. It’s called Cell Phones and The Dark Deception.
Nobody wants to talk about this including those of us who use the phones because we don’t want to put our phones down. Joining us today and I hope I’m pronouncing your first name right. Usually, it’s the last name I get wrong. Carleigh Cooper, welcome to News Talk online on the Paltalk News Network.

The Risks
(So do I really have to worry about the cell phone that I use constantly on the go here in New York City?) You know what Gary, yes I’m sorry to tell you that you do have to worry about your cell phone and being on it all the time, and you also need to be concerned if you are keeping your cell phone on your belt and in your pants pockets. (Well, why is that? I’m not holding it up to my head and the concern is about brain tumors, right?) Well there are a lot of deceptions and a lot of concerns. The one that seems to be most prominent all the time is the work of brain tumor and brain cancer, and I think the reason why that has always been the focus is because that may never happen for 20 even 30 years.

Early Danger Signs
I think one of the deceptions is that you are not being told what symptoms you need to look for prior to ever developing cancer. I mean, you may or you may not develop cancer. Of course the risk is greater if you use your cell phone a lot more. But there are precursors that take place as it was with my husband. Prior to ever developing damage, or brain cancer and most people don’t realize that there is a link. That 70% of cell phone users experience 1 of 7 common side effects from cell phone use.

Common Side Effects
(And what might those be, I would imagine blurred vision might be one of them?) You know what, cell phone radiation is absorbed readily in the eyes, and like you mentioned before the brain absorbs a lot of radiation. After 3 to 5 years. Well let me back up. One of the deceptions of cell phones is that you can use your cell phone; you can be on it for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour and there are no responses from your body for that use. It’s a cumulative effect. So although your brain has no pain receptors, and you are not feeling any kind of response, no headache, you assume that it is safe.

Well what happens, like with other toxic exposures, is this exposure accumulates. As you continue the exposure, then adverse health effects start to occur, you just can’t relate it back to what the cause or what the source was. Just like smoking when you get cancer, you’re not thinking back to a cigarette you had necessarily or you weren’t before you were told.”

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