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Sept. 12-2011

People use mobile phones of all time. It is one of these modern devices that most people think she would be able to survive without. In fact, if you go and questions is to what one thing that they can leave without the House, which most would say that their mobile phones. This is likely because apart from people for which enable communication with other people, mobile phones offer also dozens of purposes of Internet applications to work-related features and much more.
Although cell phones many uses, that make people’s lives easier, it is also important to remember that there are also some risks and dangers that everyone should be careful. Here are some of the risks associated with mobile phone usage.

Brain cancer
Although there no statistical evidence yet, many studies link mobile phone use and brain tumors. Mobile phones emit radiofrequency energy or radio waves, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. As some people know broadcast electromagnetic radiation such as that of the x-ray, can increase risk of cancer.

Many news talk report, how terrorists make to hide use of mobile phones and improvise explosive devices, which go by tech detectors, unrecognized as those found in airports.

Car accidents
Every year more than 50,000 people in the United States are injured after SMS while driving. For the same reason, about 6,000 people are killed. Using your phone while driving a major distraction is out as it gets your eyes from the road outside, off your hands steering wheel and your mind what is happening around you. The second you get distracted, are placing themselves at risk, which either could cause injury or death which.

The GPS tracking technology are now used by stalkers to the movement and the location of their objectives. It is very alarming news that 2010, the prices of the victims has increased in the year to 25,000 Americans, which are each year, according to the Ministry of Justice to the victims.
Visual impairment
Also a person of eye health can affect mobile phones. When users on the mobile phone screen tend to long rigid, to forget to blink what keep moist in the eyes is important. When this happens, dry eyes can cause eye strain or even visually impaired lead, if you left untreated or unchecked.

Health problems
Texter’s thumb, digital thumb and neck and arm nerve damage are just some of the physical health problems, who can suffer from mobile phone users.

Mobile phones are practical and useful devices, but they have some significant disadvantages mentioned above. These pieces of important information are not meant cause paranoia or frighten you, but you keep aware and informed about the dangers of the use of mobile phones. The good news is that you all smart so can avoid this with your phone. You should also include investments in mobile phone accessories that would allow hands-free, such as the headset with your phone. This cell phone accessories, along with other types as covers and cell phone leather cases, cell phone for a cheap price online are available.

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Cell Phone Use and the Risk of Brain Cancer Part 2

Cell Phone Radiation, Cell Phone Radiation Protection

Cell Phone Use and the Risk of Brain Cancer Part 1


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Studies are currently being conducted of tumors of the brain and central nervous system and other site of the head and neck because the side of the head is where people place their cell phones when speaking. Cell phones are held next to the head when being used. At the moment though, studies have not shown any consistent link between cellular telephone use and cancer. Additional research is needed before firm confirmation can be made, (NCI).

A cellular telephone user is exposed to RF energy through the phoneâ??s antenna. The fact that the antenna of a hand-held cellular telephone is in the handset, it will most likely affect the brain and subsequently the nervous system because it is held against the head. So, the closer the antenna is to the head, the greater the danger of RF exposure. Therefore, a person will absorb less RF energy when the cellular unitâ??s antenna is at a significant distance away from the user, (NCI).

An important point is that the amount of RF energy increases the farther away the communication tower or base is from the cell phone and its user. In other words, the cell phone has to increase its RF energy output when the main tower is far away; thus, introducing a higher degree of radiofrequency radiation to the user. So, the closer the tower to the cellular phone, the less energy is generated by the phone, and therefore, the less radiation the cell phone user will be exposed to. This raises an important question. How can a person avoid dealing with cell phone towers that are too far apart?

One should not be a penny wise and a pound foolish. In general, the cheaper the cell phone plans and services of a new and less establish cell phone company are the lower the overall quality of the service is going to be, in regards to drop calls and such. This means that the towers are going to be farther apart. When the towers are farther apart, the amount of RF energy that will be required to maintain a connection will be tremendously high. All this high degree of radiation will be transmitted directly into the userâ??s body, especially if the wireless device is held close to the body, such as the head.

It cost cell phone companies millions of dollars to put up communication towers. So, if a company is going to always offer half price of the going rates of cell phone services, this company will not have the revenue to build many communication towers; thus, the towers that such companies will have will be dramatically less than that of companies with traditionally high levels of cellular telephone services and whom have been around for a long time.

A person will therefore be exposed to more RF radiation with phones from less well-known companies rather than phones with more well known companies because less well-known companies will not have the capital to build many towers as does the more establish and major companies. Yes, the company may be able to offer great cell phone plans and deals; however, the rate of radiation exposure will be much higher. One doesnâ??t need to be a rocket scientist to see the idea! Therefore, the more popular a less well-known cellular telephone company becomes, the more communication towers it will have and the higher its cellular phone plans will become!

There are more factors that determine how much RF energy a cellular telephone user experiences. Some of these are: number of calls; duration of calls; amount of cell phone traffic; the size of the cell phone unit itself; and the extended distance of the unitâ??s antenna, (NCI). In fact, many people speak on the cell phone for very long periods and this definitely is not a good practice. It is best to keep cell phone calls to a minimum. A cell phone should only be used sparingly.

How about the long term effect of cell phone use on children and teens? Researchers at the NCI conducted a study to see if children would be more at risk for brain cancers by using cell phones. Persons 18 years and older were used in the study. The study found that there were no possible risks among children who used cell phones. In fact, very few children used cell phone prior to the date of the study.
Therefore, there are no data concerning possible risk.

Nevertheless, there was concern that certain agents such as ionizing radiation and other chemicals pose great risks in children because they can affect the developing brain and nervous system. However, the study found that the radiation emitted by cell phones has not been demonstrated to cause brain cancers in humans of any age at this present time. More studies are still needed to fully rule out the possibility of cell phone induced cancers.

The bottom line is that cell phones should be used sparingly because no one knows for sure if they cause cancers in humans. A rule of thumb is to always use a head set or put the cell phone on speaker when speaking, and keep it away from the body at all times when it is turned on. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

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