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Monday, Sep 05 2011
Scientists are to investigate officially the links between mobile phone masts and cancer, the Government announced today.
The experts have been ordered to find out once and for all whether the masts are the cause of a spate of illnesses, including the eruption of so called “cancer streetsî. They will study a group of volunteers who believe they have been made ill by the masts.
The mobile telecommunications health research programme (MTHR), which is part-funded by the Government, has already spent £4.5million on studies into mobile phone handsets and radiow aves and their effects on health.

But although these have partly addressed the effect which masts might have on people living near them, experts believe a studyfocusing exclusively on base stations is now vital.
They hope to discover through a range of tests on the volunteers w hether electro m agnetic fields emitted by base stations are the cause of their health problems. The MTHR said it wants a “study investigating the basis of symptoms attributed by the volunteers to their exposure to emissions from base stations”.
Dr Mike Clarke from the National Radiological Protection Board said the MTHR had realised there were gaps in its present research project.

“There is a great body of research into the use of handsets. But I think they have realised that there is a need to look at health risks from mobile phone base stations as well,” he said.
“Although there have been a lot of studies measuring the EMF’s produced by masts, this is the first to look at people who think they are ill and masts.”

Scientists have struggled until now to research the effects of masts on health because there are so many other devices which which produce electrom agnetic fields – including electricity cables and household equipment.
How ever, by using volunteers who specifically cite masts as the cause of their illness, the British research w ould avoid this problem.

There has been outrage in recent years at the number of mobile phone masts erected across Britain, with m a ny people believing that – like electricitypylons, which have been linked with an increased rate of childhood leukemia – they could cause illness.
In some areas of the country, “cancer streets” have appeared with clusters of people living near mobile masts blaming their illness on the new technology.

At the end of last year, there was widespread alarm when it was revealed that a mobile phone company was placing masts inside McDonald’s signs and Shell garage logos so that they would not be visible. This prompted widespread distrust of the mobile phone industry and its claims that masts are safe.
How ever, at present, most mobile phone masts erected in Britain produce very low electro m agnetic fields, often less than 0.2 per cent of the amount considered a potential threat to health.

But most experts agree that if mobile phones are found to affect health, the Government would need be ready with advice for consumers based on thorough scientific research.

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Radiation From Mobile Phones Increases The Risk Of Brain Tumors

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September 4th, 2011 by awbigboz

Today mobile phones are an important communication tool and its use continues to grow wide. There are an estimated 5 million mobile phone users worldwide. Large quantities of this raises concerns about the impact of mobile phone radiation on health, especially brain tumors. There is debate about whether this association in the world in recent years. Several studies have been conducted to answer this, but the results varied too.

Research by Lahkola and Klaeboe and Takebayashi et al 2007 and Lahkola in 2008 showed no increased use of mobile phones, the risk of brain tumors. However, studies by the World Health Organization (WHO), the presence of linkage. The results of this contradiction may be due to different research methods, research time, different rules and variables used in different studies. Effects of mobile phone radiation on brain health depends on many factors. So far, there are four factors that can affect the risk of brain health.

The first factor is the type of phone. Riskier types of mobile phones causes brain tumors with the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is large. SAR is the amount of radiation energy absorbed by the brain tissue. The higher the value of the SAR, the radiation energy is absorbed the brain. SAR value varies between models and manufacturers of mobile phones. SAR is a safe value of <1.6 watt / kg.

The second factor is the type of antenna. One type of risk of the antenna is the type of antenna is built into the phone as it radiates more energy.
The third factor is the distance between the transmitter cell phone tower nearest you. The weaker the signal produced by a station in the nearby tower, the higher the energy expended by the mobile phone for contact with the network.

The fourth factor is dominant and the side of the head that is on appeal. Dominant head has 97-99% of the energy of the radiation when it is called, so the risk of brain tumors is increasing on the dominant side of the head.

These four factors are known to affect the incidence of brain tumors. However, there are still many other factors to look for and examined further. In future studies, standardization is even better and more research time needed to obtain useful and meaningful results.

Because until now there is no general consensus of agreement on the connection between cell phone radiation on the risk of brain tumors, then we can do is to reduce exposure to radiation, especially through:
1. Conversation with a cell phone, as needed.
2. Use mode “speakerphone” (if possible) to further the distance between a wireless phone user’s body during a conversation.
3. Using a cell phone external antenna (antenna type, in which the antenna can be stretched lengthwise) ha. Antenna as a place to receive and send signals. The phones, which use internal anterna means that the focus of the antenna with the user’s body.
4. Implementation of outgoing calls / calls with strong signal conditions. If the call is made when the signal activity in a weakened state, mobile phones will spend more resources than most to keep the call, even though the signals are weak, so that the user of exposure to radiation is higher.
5. Keep cell phones in places that are not next to each other in the human body, for example by storing a cell phone in your pocket, not in a pants pocket.

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