Cell Phones Will Be Our Health Tracer in the Future

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Besides communication, entertainment, and some office capability, what ElSE could cell phone do for us?

According to some online data, Scientists are intending to give current smart mobile phones a new serious, health identity, that is, a tracer. They are trying to install different software on the GPS, cameras or other parts of mobile phones to enable the phone to do different things. The enhanced cell phone would:
Warn us to be away from possible pollution sources. Future phone will be capable of analyzing traffic situation, weather condition, etc. They would inform us of being away from areas where air-borne pollutant might damage our health.

Remind us how our daily activities will influence the target environment. After the cell phone’s GPS collect the tracks of our daily life, relevant software will make a comprehensive analysis. Then our mobile phone would tell us what kind of our behaviors are good for environment and what are bad. Furthermore, they could give us some constructive suggestions on what our daily activities, for example, when is the best time to take a taxi and when is great for taking a bus.

Help check our exercises and health condition. The improved mobile phone is capable of reminding us of regularly taking medicines and consulting if there is any side effect happens simultaneously. When we reduce our exercises, they will tell us as well.

Collect scientific data. The future phone would be able to observe the intruded biological elements and send the picture to the relevant institutions, convenient for biologists to draw the intruded biological element maps and find the settlement to the problems.

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Mobile & Computer Negative Effect on Health Part 1

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Mobile & Computer Negative Effect on Health Part 2


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September 4, 2011

Numerous studies show that was done a bad cell phone radiation on the human body. For example increase the risk of ear tumors and brain cancer, a bad influence on brain tissue damage and reduce the sperm count up to 30 percent, resulting in a meningioma, acoustic neurinoma, acoustic melanoma, and salivary gland cancer. Unfortunately, none of six of the world’s largest mobile phone vendor to respond to the results of these studies. It’s okay to experts warned the danger of electromagnetic waves, but it almost always responded with a statement producer, “Safe-safe only.”

Although there is no certainty on the results of this study, research project leader Franz Adlkofer suggest preventive measures to encourage the use of cell phones only in emergencies only. That is, if all around you is a regular phone you should avoid using cell phones. Or, use a hands-free device whenever possible.

As a myth, but there is little data that says that the phone can provide an effect on male fertility. In fact, a study published in the medical journal, Fertility & Serility, examines the use of mobile phones by 361 men at a fertility clinic. The results show that the more a man uses his mobile phone, the lower the number, quality and durability of their sperm.

In October, reported a study conducted on animals found that rats who were given six hours of daily cellular phone emissions for 18 weeks had a greater tendency experienced the death of sperm compared with untreated mice. The researchers say the results can be believed to be carrying mobile phones close to the reproductive organs can give a negative effect on fertility.

The use of phones in a long time and routine will increase the risk of tumor approximately 50 percent than those who did not use the phone.

The new study by Israeli scientists who research results published in the American Journal of Epidemiology states that at least 402 people have a tumor in the mouth is the condition, while the other 56 categories into malignant cancer. The study involved 1266 mobile phone users. Those who use mobile phones more than normal, or use in a long time and continually at risk of developing tumors in Parotid gland (salivary gland), which is located at the mouth with the ear position. Mobile phone users in rural areas or suburbs, where the phone to work harder to make contact with the BTS (Base Transceiver Station) nearby, at greater risk of tumors.

Mentioned study of electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones will continuously make the body cells overreact. But cell phone radiation level is used for this is still considered too small effect on the health and even to disrupt or damage the structure of DNA. Scientists are still continuing mystery of health effects of mobile phones on this.

However, negative impacts on the health of mobile phone technology, we can avoid using the handsfree to emit radiation in the mobile phone does not shine directly into the brain.

In addition to Mobile, computers are very much beneficial for society is today also have a negative impact of such disturbances often experienced as the body feels stiff, less fresh, visual impairment and rigid muscle movement causes negative effects for the health of our bodies. This is the negative impact caused by too long in front of the computer. Especially for practitioners in their daily business are required to constantly deal with technology, especially those who are involved in online business.

Negative impacts caused by computer technology there is also a negative impact on psychology and health.

Anti-social attitudes and behavior are formed from exposure to program content of the media features that were created from this computer. One of the many features that adorn the contents of the computer software is a game. Both children, teens and adults use a computer to play their favorite game each. For instance students play sports games or war like counter strike (CS) which is a computer game. Usually they play their favorite game was on the sidelines of their activity when saturated or resting. Computer game provides many spices violence in it.

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