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by tonyleather | June 14, 2011

In these days of health scare headlines, the fact that many of us have mobiles attached to our hips when not stuck on our ears is giving some cause for concern, especially as the potential exists, supposedly for brain damage, possibly cancerous, from prolonged contact with the cell phone.

Various studies have been conducted, suggesting at possible links between heavy cell phone use and illness, but a recently released book, The 4 hour body, authored by Tim Feriss, talks about the previously unsuspected risk involved in keeping cell phones in pockets, close to our bodies, for long periods daily.

You need to be a little afraid, because a recent post on Yahoo health, about the 2010 Interphone study, stated that those who have the mobile at their ear for half-an-hour daily, over ten years, are 40% more likely to contract a brain tumour of the type that killed Teddy Kennedy, the Glioma.

You could say that the smallness of most cell phones would prohibit them giving off big enough doses of radiation to seriously affect the user, but all effects talked about are long-term ones, especially important to those who spend thei8r waking hours with the devices apparently glued to the sides of their heads. There is, it would appear, a clear and future danger inherent in such over-use.

There has to be, according to the book by Tim Ferriss, a genuine danger, for young men, that keeping the cell phone in the front trouser pockets, as many do, could potentially be posing a threat in terms of irradiating the testicles gradually, causing testicular cancer, eventually, though this as yet just theoretical, but having other, more chilling effects in the meantime.

It is obviously not yet known what long-term effects will truly be, because the use of these technologies to the present day extent has been slowly building for the past decade, so it may be another ten to fifteen years before definitive results appear, but there is little doubt that the popularity of wifi and other such devices are causing exposure levels unknown to past generations

There are current measurements, from various studies, proving that health problems can be caused through over-use of mobile phones. One study on rats showed that testosterone levels plummeted, in males exposed to the same levels radiated by average cell phones for a four week period at thirty minutes daily. The same undoubtedly happens to male humans, and testosterone is vital to your sexuality.

Tim Ferriss took this a stage further, wanting to see if sperm counts and motility were subject to the influence of the slight radioactive signals, and discovered that seven tenths of European studies carried out came to the damning conclusion that there was indeed a detrimental effect on sperm from the mobile phone radiation emissions.

An avid user of his own device, Tim went and got his own sperm count test, finding his numbers at surprisingly low levels. On reflection, he realized that he was indeed guilty of keeping the phone in a front pocket for up to twelve hours daily, and repeated sperm count tests, over the following years, showed ever-diminishing numbers.

Having seen all the research data on this topic, Tim elected to experiment over a three-month trial, in which he would carry his cell phone in his pocket no more, keeping it well away from his testicles. The device was kept either in the back ocket when out, or at arm’s length when indoors, though mostly kept turned off when about his person.

Since sperm production in human males is a process taking some nine weeks, the three month trial seemed appropriate, and the sperm count test results at the end of it were astonishing, in that the volume of ejaculate was almost 50% higher, while the incidence of motile sperm per milliliter was 100% higher, and the incidence of motile sperm per ejaculate almost twice as high.

Whilst this is hardly definitive, with some variables, there is little doubt that the effect of keeping the mobile well away from your reproductive organ is very good, improving dramatically your chances of fathering healthy children, should that be your wish in the future. The dangers for women are less clear as yet, but defective sperm could have a knock-on effect on unborn children, so being safe is always the best bet.

Electro-Magnetic Frequency dangers also occur with other wireless devices, such as Wifi, and never using a laptop actually on your lap seems another wise precaution. Try using a wired, or Ethernet internet connections, or mobile broadband instead. Surrendering the cell phone is simply not an option for most people, but sensible use of it could be very good for your future heath and sexual prowess as a man.

This genuinely is not scare-mongering on my part, more a simple commentary on disturbing facts that have recently started coming to light. The more we advance technologically, the greater the risk that we inadvertently subject ourselves to unknown dangers, so being careful in the way we conduct ourselves makes sense. Nothing wrong with having a mobile man, just watch out where you stash it.

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