Heavy Cell Phone Use Might Raise Risk of Brain Tumors Part 1

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June 10, 2011
By Steven Reinberg
HealthDay Reporter

FRIDAY, June 10 (HealthDay News) — The debate over whether or not cell phones might cause brain tumors continues, as a new international study finds a small risk among people who are heavy cell phone users or who have used them for a long time.

Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, was not involved with the latest research, but said that “the study is not conclusive that cell phones cause brain tumors.”
The study shows a correlation between cell phone use and the risk of brain tumors, Brawley said. “But this is a suggestion, it is by no means definitive,” he said.
Brawley noted there is an ongoing study bombarding the brains of mice with radio frequency radiation to see if brain tumors develop. “If that study is positive, that’s going to really tell us that cell phones are not good. If that study is negative, the debate will continue,” he said.

The latest report was published in the June 10 online edition of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.
Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) added cell phones to its list of things that might cause cancer. WHO said cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic to humans” and placed them in the same category as the pesticide DDT and gasoline engine exhaust.
For the new study, a research team led by Elisabeth Cardis, from the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology at the Hospital del Mar Research Institute in Barcelona, Spain, collected data on 1,229 people with brain tumors and 3,673 people without brain tumors.

People in the study were asked about how much they used their cell phones, and what phones they used.
These data are part of the Interphone Study, which is an international study of the risk of cancerous brain tumors with cell phone use that was largely funded by the Mobile Manufacturers’ Forum and the Global System for Mobile Communications, two industry groups.

The researchers found that a higher risk of developing a glioma among those who used their cell phones for 10 years or more. They also had a much smaller risk of developing a meningioma, or benign tumor.

Even with these potential increased risks, the incidence of brain tumors is fairly rare. “Brain tumor incidence rates have been flat to slightly declining over the last 20 years,” Brawley said. “That’s not consistent with brain tumors being caused by cell phones.”

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CellPhone Radiation Increase Risk of Osteoporosis?

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It is said that life begins at 40! Well, it could be true since this is the age when most people already reach their established life. But this is also the age when degenerative health problems begin to appear. Osteoporosis is one of them. Like it or not, people at 40 starts to get the risk of osteoporosis. Without huge concern on it, it could become huge problem when you get older.

There are many factors affecting the risk of osteoporosis and there are tons of articles already talk about it. What this article wants to reveal is the correlation between cellphone radiation and osteoporosis. Off course we already well informed about long lasting controversy of cellphone radiation. Despite of its multipurpose benefits, cellphone emitted electromagnetic radiation that could give bad effects to our body.

However, most of us may not very familiar how cell phone radiation could increase the risks of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is among negative symptom when the bones could no longer maintain its density making it unable to support our body. It is believed that sufficient calcium intake could lower the risk of osteoporosis.
However, the handheld device we couldn’t live without could be one more factor affecting osteoporosis risk. A new research conducted in Argentina revealed that cell phone electromagnetic radiation could reduce bone density. The research conducted on a group of people whose been asked to keep cell phone on the holster attached to wristband during a certain duration.

The result showed that there were significant reducing of bone mineral content and bone mineral density on the pelvic bone at the side where the cell phone attached compared to other side where no cell phone attached. It is concluded that cell phone radiation could affect bone density reduction, significant symptom of osteoporosis.

It is one more bad effect of cell phone to our health. But there’s no technology without risk, isn’t it? Like it or not, cell phone has too much benefits that instead of its bad effects, we prefer to keep using it. The good news for us, cell phone manufacturers are developing new technology to minimize radiation emission from cell phone radiofrequency. Several GSM and other cellular consortium have been reporting advanced development of new technology. However, it is our lifestyle that will define how high the risk of osteoporosis affecting our life today and tomorrow – We need to use our cellphone responsibly!!

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