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Dr. Croftons ground-breaking book is well-researched and informative. I highly recommend it, especially to other physicians who need to know about electro-pollution. Stephen Sinatra, MD, FACC. This proven plan targets these symptoms: Difficulty sleeping, dizziness, headaches. Tingling in the hands, ringing in the ears. ADD/ADHD and autism.

Electro-sensitivity, low immunity. Unexplained cardiac conditions. We dont have to give up our high-tech devices; we need to use them differently. Read the Research: An accurate summary of the science; How our wireless devices avoided being pre-market tested for health safety; Why our government safety standards are not protecting us. A note from the author: WE HUMANS, EACH WONDROUSLY UNIQUE and complex, have an inborn healthiness that is based on all the electrical fields within and around us being in harmony. Our heart and brain cells have their own delicate electrical integrity. Our modus operandi, so to speak, relies on being attuned in this way.

The challenge is to see that we are overwhelming this natural state of wellbeing with clouds of electro-pollution electro-magnetic waves of invisible energy powerful enough to blast wireless communication data through concrete. Imagine how easily it travels through us, and especially through vulnerable newborns and children. This book reveals how government-approved, low levels of radiation can carry high risks to our health. Why are we urging you to listen?

Our medical team advises us that there is a range of results from: exposure without symptoms (harm can still be occurring), mild to moderate symptoms, electro-sensitivity, and other conditions. And, its not only human health at risk. The good news: this is a wake-up call with easy-to-implement solutions, and pro-active strategies. I sincerely hope that you will hear what our team of dedicated experts has to offer: how to recognize symptoms, prevent more from developing, and how to reset our finely-tuned, electrically-sensitive systems. We can reduce the risks for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. Not just ours. Everyones. – Kerry Crofton.

What other experts are saying: The signals from cell phones reach more deeply into childrens thinner skulls and smaller brains. Wireless Radiation Rescue is a wake-up call for anyone concerned about our brains, and those of our children. Devra Davis, PhD author of Disconnect. Wireless Radiation Rescue sounds the medical alert and more importantly offers many safety strategies and solutions. – — Carolyn Dean, MD, ND There is enough evidence to link this exposure to increased risk of cancer and therefore of a need to limit our exposure, especially of children. – Martin Blank, PhD Associate Professor of Physiology Cellular Biophysics at Columbia University. You’d be amazed at the levels of electro-magnetic fields found in the home.

These can disrupt your sleep. There also seems to be a connection with electro-sensitivity and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). – Jacob Teitelbaum, MD a board certified internist and author of From Fatigued To Fantastic. What readers are saying: Every parent should read the research in this book before giving a child a cell phone, or installing a wireless network in their home or school! Kerry Crofton not only explains the harmful effects but also gives us practical tips.

Our child has autism. Your books 4 step plan has helped him tremendously. This is a must-read for the parents in the autism community, and others. Wireless Radiation Rescue has helped me understand why I was not sleeping well, had arrhythmia and dizziness, and what to do. There are many useful strategies, and the Resource section is extensive.

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A report in a U.S. journal says there are possible biological hazards and risks of genetic damage from unchecked proliferation of wireless technologies.

A panel of international scientists writing in the journal Reviews of Environmental Health is urging world governments to set greatly reduced exposure limits for electromagnetic radiation from power line and telecommunications technologies including cellphones, ElectromagneticHealth.org reported Wednesday.

In the United States, there have been calls in Congress for a U.S. cellphone research program, warning labels on cellphones and an update of antiquated radiation exposure standards, but no action has been taken yet, scientists say.

“Current United States and ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) standards for radiofrequency and microwave radiation from wireless technologies are entirely inadequate,” panel chairman Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institutet medical university in Stockholm said. “They never were intended to address the kind of exposures from wireless devices that now affect over 4 billion people.”
The current accepted measure of radiation risk, the specific absorption rate or SAR, is inadequate, the panel said.
There is abundant evidence that biological effects are occurring at exposures “many orders of magnitude” below existing public safety standards, it said.

“We are already seeing increases in health problems such as cancer and neurobehavioral impairments, even though these wireless technologies are fairly new in the last decades or so for the general public,” said panel member Elihu Richter, retired professor of occupational and environmental medicine at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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