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The human body is exposed to various types of radiation which may be harmful or not to our body. In physics radiation is defined as an energy that is transmitted in the form of rays, waves or particles. We call the radiation emitted by cellphones, electromagnetic radiation. Studies show that while receiving or making calls our body is exposed to radiation.

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Many of us have been warned at one time or another that we should never leave a mobile phone is compartment especially when the vehicle is expose to direct sunlight for a long period of time. Another one from user guide, do not switch the device on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause danger. Furthermore, switching the device off in aircraft, fuel, chemicals, blasting area and near medical equipment is a must.

According to a research, one incident that happen in Saudi Arabia pertaining to mobile phone. It was reported that mobile phone units were left inside the car compartment of a vehicle parked in an open area of midday. One of the phones had a power “on” and after an hour in the hot park, one of the mobile phones exploded. The extremely hot temperatures in the closed unventilated vehicle cabin triggered the explosion caused the overheated battery triggered the explosion.

According to a study those who down play the risk of cellphone radiation to the brain should be acquainted with this experiment with an egg! In the experiment, researchers place one egg in a porcelain cup and put one cellphone on one side and another cellphone on the other. The researchers then called from one cellphone to another and kept the cellphones on after connecting. During the first fifteen minutes, nothing changed, after twenty minutes, the egg shell started to become hot and at forty minutes , the surface of the egg had become solid although the egg yolk was still in liquid form. The whole egg was cook after forty-five minutes.

The risk of developing a parotid gland tumor was higher in people who generally used their cellphones on the same ear most of the time. In another Israel study conducted on four-hundred two adults with benign parotid gland tumors and fifty others who had malignant tumors of the paratoid glands- it was found out that people who spent more than twenty two hours a month on their celphones were fifty percent more likely to develop cancer of the parotid gland than those who used the phones less often.

Furthermore, there a more studies coming out nowadays documenting the harmful effects of the excessive use of cellphones.
Regulate your use of cellphones for healthy living!

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