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Devices that make use of electrical energy often radiate electromagnetic frequencies. These frequencies basically are the unseen energies produced by various devices which are highly reliant on electrical energy to work. These frequencies are measurable by a particular device which is used to detect these waves as they emit objects that are electrically charged. These waves are thought to be dangerous in numerous occurrences and have been linked with numerous health issues.

Disparities in electrical energy cause discrepancies in electromagnetic fields – the higher the electrical energy, the grater the power of the electromagnetic fields, which are emitted from objects that are electrically charged. It is also important to note that even when the device does not have any electrical energy flowing through it, it still emanates electromagnetic frequencies. Hence, it is vitally important to be distanced from the source emitting the electromagnetic frequencies. This is because distance weakens them.

Public outcry has increased with time over emf dangers. Studies have indicated that cell phones, when being used by the consumer, emit electromagnetic frequencies. Hence, human beings are continually being exposed to these frequencies due to repeated use of cell phones. Apart from cell phones, there are a great many other devices that we come across in our daily lives that emit these and continually expose us to various emf dangers.

There is substantiation that EMF can generate hazardous intrusion with various essential devices for instance hearing aids, defibrillators, and pacemakers. Additionally, various specialists have discovered changes in the manner the brain operates, dwindling response times, and a variation of sleep behaviours in individuals exposed to electromagnetic frequencies in huge magnitudes. With all the probable hazards outlined, people are getting more troubled by electromagnetic frequency radiation’s possible risks. Therefore, there is a great need to have safety measures in place.

It is therefore important to avoid electromagnetic frequencies at all costs. However, if this is not feasible, one should take the necessary measures to protect themselves from this radiation. For instance, in the home, one should locate items like couches, beds, home office chairs away from the electrical panel. It is also recommended that one removes all electrical devices from where one sleeps if possible.

Additionally, not using items like electrical blankets and or heating pads is highly recommended to avoid emf dangers. These steps may seem negligible but in the long run they help people protect themselves from the dangers associated with electromagnetic frequencies.

In addition, if one is looking to rent or purchase a house, looking for a location away from power lines is highly advisable. This is because various studies have found that there are high levels of electromagnetic frequencies emanating from power lines.

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Tips to Limit Your Damage from Information-Carrying Radio Waves

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There quite simply is no safe biological threshold for exposure to information-carrying radio waves, and there is, quite honestly, little you can do to avoid them 100 percent.

But you can reduce your, and your family’s, exposure by taking the following commonsense precautions:
• Limit the amount of time you spend on a cell phone or cordless phone.
• Use a wired headset to limit your exposure to the cell phone – ideally, an air tube headset that conducts sound but prevents any radiation from traveling up the wire to your brain. Also make sure the wire is SHIELDED, which prevents the wire from acting as an antenna that could attract more information-carrying radio waves directly to your brain. Wireless BlueTooth headsets should be avoided.
• Limit your exposure to WiFi routers. Find out where they are located in your work environment and stay away from them.
• If you have any land-based (non-cellular) portable phones, do NOT use anything other than the 900 MHz phones as the Gigahertz phones stay on continuously, blasting you with information-carrying radio waves 24/7.
• Use the speakerphone instead of putting the phone to your ear; this is probably one of the single most important steps you can take other than not using your cell phone.
• Limit calls inside buildings.
• Use the phone in open spaces as often as possible.
• Limit use by children and preadolescents, or don’t let them use cell phones at all. Children’s developing nervous systems and thinner skulls are simply too vulnerable to cell phone damage.

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Can You Hear Me Now? The Truth the Cell Phone Industry Doesn’t Want You to Hear

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One of the world’s undisputed experts in cell phone safety is Dr. George Carlo, and I had the privilege of spending two full days with him in October 2007.

I was so compelled with the information I heard that my next book, slated for release in 2009, will detail the reasons why I believe using cell phones is far more dangerous than smoking cigarettes ever was.

In the 1990s, Dr. Carlo was given a $28-million grant from the cell phone industry to put an end to the talk that cell phones were hazardous to your health. Unfortunately, what he found was not what he’d been paid to find. Instead, he discovered that they DO, in fact, cause damage.

The cell phone industry offered him a position for $1 million a year to silence him, but he refused, and started a non-profit institute called The Safe Wireless Initiative to inform the world of this danger instead. I highly recommend you check out his site as he has compiled excellent resources on interventions you can use to maximize your health and minimize your risks.

I also tried to spread the word about the dangers of cell phones via a Today Show interview I did last year. Well, they only aired four seconds of my 20-minute interview, completely censoring the supporting evidence that cell phones can cause damage.

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