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The popularity of cell phones and wireless communication devices has resulted in a proliferation of cell towers across the American landscape. Opposition to the placement of these towers has sometimes developed among segments of the population, usually based upon aesthetics, concern over the electromagnetic radiation, or both.

EMF Services can conduct testing and site assessments for individuals, schools, building managers, or municipalities who wish to become aware of the RF levels at a location near cell phone or broadcast towers. The report that we provide will permit comparison of measured levels with FCC Maximum Permissible Exposures (MPEs), precautionary guidelines, and routine background levels for comparable environments. If new antennas or towers are planned for your location, our site survey can be used to establish a baseline RF level for later comparison (before and after testing). Follow-up readings are provided at substantially reduced cost compared to the initial survey.

The purpose of this testing is to empower you to make responsible, fact-based decisions about the RF environment surrounding your community, facility, home, or school. We use advanced equipment to perform the most accurate and comprehensive RF exposure assessments in the industry. All services are delivered by personnel with several years of experience in planning and directing the installation of radio communication facilities, using equipment with current factory calibration certificates. If exposure reduction measures are desired, recommendations will be included in the report. The greatest advantage of our surveys over that of other providers is the ability to address the issue of low-level, long-term, non-thermal exposures, and to articulate the scientific rationale for a precautionary exposure guideline.


EMF Services no longer performs standard RF compliance surveys. We provide only enhanced testing services that involve more detailed data collection, and a more extensive and broader coverage report, than a conventional compliance survey. Our surveys incorporate procedures and equipment to separately measure cellular power density, in addition to the composite power density (the combination of all RF signals present). We use top quality professional equipment, and extensive procedural safeguards, to ensure the highest degree of RF measurement accuracy.

The purpose of our testing services is not to provide a basis for contesting the siting of cell phone towers or to seek their removal once sited. This position is not the result of an alliance between EMF Services and the cellular service providers. They are not our clients. Rather, it represents an effort to avoid leading you down the path toward a disappointing result. The RF levels near a cell tower will not approach Maximum Permissible Exposures at ground level where people are present. Therefore, from a legal perspective, grounds for such an action do not exist. Further, a court of law is not the best venue for a challenge to the science on which existing standards are based. The likely result is disappointment and a wasted financial expenditure. The best reason for testing and measurement services is to understand the field levels that exist, and what can be done to reduce them.

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Are Electro Magnetic Fields Causing Your Headache? Part 2

Electro Magnetic Fields, ElectroMagnetic  Protection

Are Electro Magnetic Fields Causing Your Headache? Part 1


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Already, thanks to the introduction of mobile phones, computers, CCTV cameras, satellite televisions and digital radios, our lives are enveloped in electronic radiation.

About 1,400 access points will be installed on lampposts across Swindon, creating an electronic mesh
This phenomenon has been described as ‘electro smog’, so all-pervasive are the pulsing microwave signals that surround us on a daily basis.

Of course, we cannot see all this electronic activity, but if we could, the sight would be dramatic.
Stepping from somewhere free of modern electronic gadgetry into a Wi-Fi active zone would be the equivalent of walking from a peaceful country lane onto the hard shoulder of Spaghetti Junction.

And it is absurdly complacent to pretend that these electromagnetic fields are not going to have any impact on our health.

Far from doing no harm, some studies suggest that as much as five per cent of the population may already be suffering from headaches, concentration difficulties, chronic fatigue, irritability and behavioural problems because of this electro smog.

The computer industry airily dismisses any concerns, claiming that Wi-Fi uses only a few watts of energy – ‘less than a lightbulb’.

But this ignores the fact that light and microwaves are different kinds of electromagnetic radiation, so the analogy with the lightbulb is meaningless.

The truth is that there have not yet been any major, comprehensive studies into the impact of Wi-Fi radiation on our health, so such reassurances are unjustified.
No one can state with any confidence that Wi-Fi is safe. The industry also likes to point to mobile phones, pretending- – wrongly – that this technology has been given the all-clear by recent scientific assessments.

But the truth is that mobiles have been widely used only since the early 1990s, so it is far too early to say with any confidence what the long-term impact of them is – particularly because some cancers take more than a decade to develop.

Nevertheless, some studies are already indicating that those who have used their mobiles for ten years are twice as likely to get rare but incurable brain cancers on the same side of the head as they hold their phones.

David Carpenter, the director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany in New York, has warned: ‘Based on the existing science, many public health experts believe it is possible we will face an epidemic of cancers in the future resulting from the uncontrolled use of mobile phones and increased population exposure to Wi-Fi and other wireless devices.’

It is perhaps no coincidence that since the advance of Wi-Fi in schools in Britain (from 1997), the number of cases of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has increased four-fold.

One study, by a group of German doctors in Bavaria, into the medical complaints of 356 people who have had long-term radiation exposure in their homes, revealed that the pulsed, high-frequency signals led to symptoms such as sleep disturbance, giddiness, nose bleeds, tissue pain, hearing loss, depressive moods, forgetfulness and nausea.
It is no coincidence that Germany, despite its prowess in electrical engineering, has been much more circumspect about allowing the spread of Wi-Fi.
There, the country’s health protection agency has recommended the removal of cordless phones, the installation of Wi-Fi away from public areas and the use of cabling rather than wireless for internet access.

Similarly, the authorities in Frankfurt and the Bavarian Parliament have both recommended against the installation of Wi-Fi in schools.

Meanwhile, the French National Library last year imposed a moratorium on installing Wi-Fi in libraries, and the education authorities in the Sorbonne in Paris have done the same after university staff complained of nausea, dizziness and problems with memory.

In the Normandy town of Herouville Saint-Clair, Wi-Fi networks are being removed from schools to ‘protect people’s health’.

What we need is not more Wi-Fi installation, but a proper study of the real effect of this technology. Until that is done, we should proceed with caution.

• Alasdair Philips is the director of Powerwatch, an independent organisation researching electromagnetic fields and health.

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