Is Electromagnetic Pollution Real? Part 1

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Have you noticed repeatedly when working near a television screen or monitor fatigue, dizziness or lack of concentration? Do you suffer from headaches or insomnia since the installation of a microwave antenna station near your home? Are you feeling charged or tired after walking on carpeted floors and saturated spaces with technological elements such as photocopiers, computers, wireless routers, etc?

It is possible that some of these symptoms are due to the exposure to electrical and electromagnetic fields,which includes contamination by low frequency (home’s electrical wiring, transformers, lighting, certain electrical appliances, …) and what it includes high switching frequencies (radar, mobile telephony, WiFi, WiMAX, DECT, Bluetooth, etc).

Since recently some scientists and technical partnerships begin to take into account these facts. In many newspapers and media it is common to see claims of people who complain about a lack of health from living near a power line, an industrial transformer, and even the innovative mobile phone masts.

In the graph, you can see a simple scheme of classification of emissions, from the visible light that the human eye captures and goes from a range of 380 nanometers to 780 nanometers, to the radio waves that can span several kilometres.
We are surrounded by many natural sources of radiation like the cosmic rays, the radioactivity, the Earth’s magnetic flux, and daily events such as sunlight. In the last century man has created through artificial technology innumerable artificial sources, from radio waves, through enlightenment, to the most advanced communication systems by microwave.

Should we worry about the emissions we are exposed in the modern world? Is it true that some of the emissions of the electromagnetic spectrum that industry considers normal can be related to certain diseases?

Common sense suggests that this relationship, emissions and health, is more important than the media express. Some people having no visual information about radiation downplay its influence. For example, there is an experiment open to anyone who has served many to be aware that the electrical radiation is a real and present energy. One just has to manage to get a fluorescent tube and get close to a power line when darkness begins. You will see that without cables, batteries or tricks of any kind the fluorescent tube you carry with you lights clearly. The radiation promotes the chemical activity inside the tube, although this one is at a considerable distance from the line.

It stands out of reason that if the electromagnetic field has power to light a tube with no other means than closeness, then the biological patterns somehow react to this radiation. Many researchers suggest such problems as fatigue, chronic fatigue, headaches and even diseases like cancer and leukemia in people exposed regularly to high radiation values. As with other fields, different people show different degrees of sensitivity and affection.

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Are Electromagnetic Fields Are Affecting You?

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We are energy beings, living in an energy universe, with which we are continually interacting. Some of these energetic interactions are supportive, others disruptive. Most are unidentified and not even necessary for our well-being.

The United States is wired with half a million miles of high voltage power lines. For wireless communication we depend on a half million microwave links. Tens of millions of broadcasting transmitters flood our airwaves. U. S. industry employs 35 million electromagnetic devices. We plant ourselves in front of hundreds of millions of video and television screens. And, as the years progress, these numbers increase exponentially.

EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation, the by-product of this explosion of electronic technology, is causing a widely recognized form of environmental pollution – electronic smog – affecting the health of people in every part of the globe. It consists of radiation emitted from millions of domestic appliances, military installations, industrial machines, computers, broadcast and communications transmitters and all other electrically powered devices. The problem is clearly of overwhelming proportions! In fact, this EMF pollution has been referred to by Dr. Jonathan Wright M.D., as “the new pollution more deadly than lead poisoning”.

Compounding this problem, all metallic objects, such as electrical circuits, telephone wiring, water and gas pipes, even the metal objects we carry on our bodies (keys, watches, jewelry, etc.) act as antennae, which collect and re-radiate these disorienting energy waves, creating an effect that can profoundly alter the natural balance of the body’s energy field.

Continuous bombardment by EMF waves distorts the natural, necessary internal information flow that is vital to our individual energy systems. These waves also entrain us. Entrainment, or sympathetic resonance, is the tendency of an object to vibrate at the same frequency as an external stimulus. When we become entrained to any external frequency, we lose the integrity of our natural intrinsic frequencies, which causes distortion in the natural rhythms of the body’s various systems and can lead to disease.

Compromised by the cumulative impact of these diverse electromagnetic frequencies in the environment, our systems undergo intense vibratory disturbance … disorienting and disrupting our energetic integrity, our experience of harmony, and our well-being. When we are subjected to this inner energetic disruption long enough, it becomes integrated into our bodies on all three levels – the physical, the emotional and the mental – and can drastically alter even our experience of ourselves!

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