What’s the Truth About Mobile Phones and Cancer Part 2

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Different Results Every Five Years

The data from the first five years should provide good information about the cost of mobile phones in terms of minor symptoms and quality of life. It will answer once and for all whether using a mobile phone for long periods causes headaches, dizziness, tinnitus and any other symptoms including depression.

The results obtained at the end of the first 10 year period of research should reveal whether using a mobile phone is linked with any common cancers – there should be enough cases in the number of people being studied in that time to make a statistically valid assessment.

Over the following five years, the data should show whether mobile phone use is associated with rarer cancers, such as specific ear or brain tumours, and whether using a mobile is a risk factor that makes it more likely that you will develop Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis or other degenerative diseases that affect the brain or central nervous system.

Are Younger People at Risk from Mobile Phones?

One main question that the study will seek to answer is if mobile phones are generally safe but pose a particular risk for children. Children as young as 3 or 4 get mobile phones these days and their brains are still making connections and their neural pathways may be damaged by the radiation given out by mobiles. For the time being, until the results are obtained, most experts still recommend that mobiles are not used at all by children under 11. It is encouraging that teenagers are opting for touch phones now that they are available and spend more time texting and surfing on the phone that using it pressed to their ears.

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Mobile Phone Use And Cancer Linked? Part 2

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Prof Rony Seger, a cancer researcher at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, and colleagues exposed rat and human cells to electromagnetic radiation at a similar frequency to that emitted by mobiles but at only about one tenth of the power.

After just five minutes the researchers identified the production of extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK1/2) – natural chemicals that stimulate cell division and growth.

Cancers develop when the body is unable to prevent excessive growth and division of cells in the wrong place.
Prof Seger said yesterday: “The real significance of our findings is that cells are not inert to non-thermal mobile phone radiation.

“We used radiation power levels that were around one tenth of those produced by a normal mobile. The changes we observed were clearly not caused by heating.”

The UK has adopted international safety standards for electromagnetic radiation. These state that the amount of energy absorbed from an electric field or radio wave cannot exceed two watts per kilogram (W/kg) when averaged over 10 grams of tissue. Almost all mobile phones emit less that than one W/kg.

Graham Philips, of Powerwatch, a lobby group that campaigns on mobile phones, masts and powerlines, said: “Current safety guidelines assume health effects from mobiles can occur only when significant heating of body tissue occurs.
“This study shows biological changes in response to low-level mobile phone radiation – something that could have implications for health. Further research is required. However, guidance based purely on thermal effects is clearly out of date.”

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