Cell Phones for Kids: What’s the Risk?

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Cell phone and cancer

If something doesn’t cause cancer, there is no way to actually prove that,” said John E. Moulder, director of radiation biology at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. “The strongest thing you can say about something in cancer is, ‘We looked and we didn’t find anything.'”

Cell phone hawkers have their crosshairs on kids as a target market for their wares, but should parents resist purchasing mobiles for their children?

Wireless carriers have begun pushing their “family” plans to provide some economic ammunition for kids pleading with mom and dad for a mobile. And outfits like Firefly Mobile are designing products to push cell phone use down the age bracket to children as young as 8 years old.

While some people — many of them in the education field — see the metastasizing of mobiles within the junior set as a menace to decorum, others see serious cell phone and cancer health threats looming from the practice.

Cell Phone Cancer? Cause for Concern

Cell phone and cancer? Citing a caution issued in January by the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) in the United Kingdom, Henry Lai, a research professor at the department of bioengineering at the University of Washington, told TechNewsWorld that parents should be concerned that cell phones may be harmful to young children.

“Not very much research has been done on children or young animals [which can serve as models for children], but the results from other studies seem to indicate that there is a cause for concern,” he said.

In its caution, the NRPB warned, “It is not possible at present to say that exposure to RF radiation, even at levels below national guidelines, is totally without potential adverse health effects.”

The board also cited the findings in a report released in May 2000 by the Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones that “children might be more vulnerable to any effects arising from the use of mobile phones because of their developing nervous system, the greater absorption of energy in the tissues of the head and the longer lifetime of exposure.”
Nevertheless, Lai, an authority on the biological effects of non-ionizing radiation, conceded that “we don’t know yet how the body responds to cell phone radiation.”

When it was released, the NRPB document elicited a strong response from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.

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What Can You Do About EMFs? Part 2

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Cell phone towers health effects

3. Shield yourself.
Use shielding devices on your computer screen and cellular phone. Add shielding to your household wiring, circuit box, and transformers. Use shielding-enhanced materials in your bedding or your clothing if you must be exposed to EMFs.
Did you know that:
You can reduce the EMF exposure from your hair dryer 90% or more by arranging to hang the dryer on a wall hook, get a flexible plastic hose for the nozzle, and direct the hot air to your head with the hose!

USA Today conducted a survey of 4567 readers and reported that EMF pollution is the #1 environmental concern in America today.

The Wall Street Journal reported in 1993 that the real estate resale value of homes decreased by as much as 30%, if exposed to EMFs!

That electric fields are measured in units of volts per meter (V/m) and magnetic fields are measured in units of Gauss (G) or Tesla (T). 1 tesla = 10,000 gauss.

Microwaves are within the upper part of the radio frequency part of the electromagnetic spectrum? Radio frequencies range from kilohertz (thousands of cycles per second) to gigahertz (billions of cycles per second).

Check your microwave oven for leakage!

Epidemiological studies in Sweden by Maria Feychting showed that individuals exposed to high magnetic fields at home and at work had 3.7 times the risk of developing leukemia compared to those not exposed.

That 2 recent research reports have identified elevated risks of breast cancer among women working in jobs with presumed higher than average exposure to EMFs.

The US Postal Service has agreed to allow installation of 200 foot high towers supporting clusters of cellular phone antennas on the rooftops of 11,500 US Post Offices. By using this federal land, the installers can circumvent local planning boards.

The electromagnetic radiation from 4 watt walkie-talkies and 0.6 watt cell phones can cause medical life support equipment (such as infant apnea monitors) to malfunction?

The back of your computer is actually more EMF dangerous than the front? The safe distance from the front of your computer is about 30′, while safe EMF levels from the back are about 40′! Think about what this means in schools and offices with rows of terminals. Suggest computer shielding to your employer and school board.

When shopping for appliances, those with a higher EER (energy efficiency ratio) generally produce lower EMF levels and are therefore safer!

One study (Ahlbom & Feychting, 1993) reported that at 2 mG and above, exposed children were 2.7 times as likely to develop cancer as unexposed children, and at 3 mG and above, the odds rose to 3.8 times as likely!

Another study (Wertheimer & Leeper, 1986) stated that couples who use either electric blankets or electrically heated waterbeds had a significantly higher miscarriage rate!
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