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In our household, we own one cell phone – it’s a pay-as-you-go phone that we carry with us for emergency purposes whenever we go out. Rather than put our faith in any of the products on the market that claim to provide protection against radio frequency radiation, we feel that it’s prudent to stay away from cell phones whenever possible.

Unfortunately, many of us have little control over the location of cell phone towers and other broadcasting antennas that emit powerful radio frequency waves. If you know of or discover any resources that our readers can use to locate such towers and antennas in their local areas, please share this information in the comments section below.

By increasing public awareness of this issue, we stand a greater chance of having municipal, state/provincial, and federal governments do a better job of regulating the placement of cell phone towers and antennas. Governments in Austria, Switzerland, and many Eastern European countries have already created protective standards for human exposure to radio frequency radiation. In Scotland, towers are not allowed to be located near hospitals, schools, and homes.

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A New Age of Mobile Communication

The history of cell phones goes back more than 20 years, but they were nowhere near as prevalent back then than they are today. The first mobile phones, largely manufactured by Motorola, were used by businesspeople and other folks who absolutely had to stay connected with the office. As the technology got more affordable, consumers started to get in on the cellular action and it just started to snowball.

In order to satisfy the needs of this growing demographic, cellular providers such as T-Mobile and Sprint had to erect more towers. Without more towers, they would not be able to offer decent reception and uninterrupted service. Early towers were few and far between, but the number of cell “sites” has increased more than tenfold since 1994. At this alarming rate of growth, it is nearly impossible to gauge the possible dangers of cell phone towers. What was safe in 1993 may not be safe today, given the much higher level of radiation we are exposed to on a daily basis.

With our increasing need to stay connected, many of us are forgetting about the possible dangers of cell phone towers. There have been several reports of people who have suffered a variety of conditions, possibly as a result of living near cell towers.

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