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There are a number of ways in which we can help to reduce the debilitating affects Microwave Radiation can have upon the body (emitted from Phone Masts and other sources). We can move home, which is not ideal or always possible, or we can sit tight and use certain materials available today to help to block or reduce the radiation entering our home/bedroom and/or workplace.

Firstly, before we come to what we CAN do to help, it may be prudent to offer a brief précis of why it is important to protect ourselves from this type of radiation.

The New Generation (G3/3G) and Tetra Masts pulse(phase)-modulate their signals. It is this modulation, or ‘burst repetition rate’ that seems to have the most damaging effect upon the body because the frequencies generated are very close to the body’s natural range of frequencies – which range from below 10 to over 1015 Hertz. “If we consider that the body transfers biological information ranging from 1 Hz right through to well above light frequencies, we can see how this type of pollution, which can be classed as more harmful than exposure to pollutant substances, is certainly a major reason why acute disorders are relatively rare nowadays… This is clearly supported by the increase in chronic disorders in recent years.”

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