Biological Effects Of Exposure To Cell Phone RF Radiation Now Beyond Doubt Part 2


Cordless Phones Health Risks

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Cell Tower Radiation

Whilst the biology is discussed and the epidemiology is uncertain, the French Agency accepts that the possibilities are there and the time for precaution is now.
Afsset recommends the following :

* Developing research to clear up remaining doubts and remain on the look-out for new emerging signals

Afsset recommends targeting, as a priority, epidemiological studies, as well as studies on reproduction and childhood development, while also responding to studies that display biological effects. It highlights the delay taken in the knowledge of health effects concerning new frequency bands below 400MHz and those above 2GHz, which includes WiFi.
* Reducing exposures of the public

There is potential to reduce the exposure to radiofrequencies. The priority goes to mobile phones which are the main source of exposure for the public (though this is not necessarily so, see the two previous news items, pointing to DECT phones and mobile phone masts as the worst offenders).

City of Lithgow, Australia
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