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Cordless phones, wireless computer routers and especially the citywide high-speed wireless network and smart meters being installed in Stratford all pose a health risk due to microwave radiation, he said, pointing to short-term effects such as headaches, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, muscle and joint pain and dizziness and longer-term effects such as various cancers, depression and anxiety and heart and cardiovascular problems.

“It’s probably the most significant environmental health problem that we have today,” he said.

Being elected mayor will afford him the opportunity to better educate citizens about the dangers they face from electric and electromagnetic emissions, said Weatherall, who for the last four years has been the co-director of WEEP, a Canadian non- profit organization dedicated to informing the public about the potential environmental effects associated with them.
“People have to know how dangerous this is,” he said, “and we have to find a way to make this city safe. Someone’s got to make a start.”

Weatherall said he recognizes he may be seen as a one-issue candidate but suggested he has more to offer.
“A councillor or mayor needs to have common sense and experience in life to be able to judge municipal issues and I think I’ve got that background,” said Weatherall, who served for seven years with the British Royal Navy and 28 years with the Toronto Police Service, first as a uniformed officer and then as a forensic crime scene investigator.

“I think I can look at any issue that comes up and look at it evenly and come up with a reasonable solution,” he said.
Weatherall, who moved to Stratford with his wife just more than a year ago, said he’s concerned with the level of city debt and property tax rates, which he said are too high.

“We’re going to have to get the debt to a reasonable level, keep spending within reason and manage the budget much better,” he said.

He would also encourage the development of new sustainable industries in Stratford and work to breathe new life into empty factories.

“Marketing Stratford as a nice place to be and to work would be the priority there,” he said. “Stratford is a beautiful place with lovely people, and I think that’s the way to encourage people to move out here.”

Weatherall highlighted a need for greater participation in the decision-making process among residents as another priority.

A lack of public debate over issues such as the installation of smart-meters and the Wi-Fi network, and the potential dangers involved, is evidence of that need, he said.

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Do Cordless Telephones Emit As Much Radiation As Cell Phones? Part 1


Do Cordless Telephones Emit As Much Radiation As Cell Phones? Part 2

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Cordless telephones emit as much radiation as cell phones, the Health Ministry stated yesterday in a warning to the general public.

The radiation emitted by cordless phones is non-ionizing, the same as cell phones. Still, the ministry says it’s better to use regular landline telephones.

Non-ionizing radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation that does not possess enough energy to cause ionization in matter, the Environmental Protection Ministry explains. Its wide spectrum includes ultra-violet light, visible light, infrared radiation, radio frequency and more.

“Information passes through the base unit and the handset [the mobile unit – the actual phone] in the form of radio waves,” the ministry explains.

While studies into the potential hazards of cell-phone use are ongoing, on its website the Health Ministry counsels the public to err on the side of caution.

It also offers practical suggestions for careful use of cordless phones, but first and foremost advises that whenever possible – both at home and at work – use regular phones instead.

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