Why did The Soviet Union banned microwave ovens in 1976?



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(The life-saving prohibition lasted until the late 1980’s, when communism morphed into consumerism under Gorbachev. Post-perestroika Russians can now buy as many microwave ovens as they want.)


So what the fudge is happening to microwaved food?

When a microwave oven violently vibrates food and water molecules apart – and then randomly fuses bits back together, the bizarre new compounds scream “Alien invaders!” to any body ingesting them.

This is why broccoli cooked in a microwave not only loses up to 97% of its cancer-fighting antioxidants – but also triggers a sharp spike in cholesterol. Intended to shield tissues from compounds no longer recognizable as food, this “bad” cholesterol combines with junk food-fueled obesity to produce America’s Number One terrorist killer: Heart disease.

Microwave malnutrition is guaranteed. Dr. Radwan Farag of Cairo University has found that just two seconds of microwave energy exposure destroys all enzymes needed for digestion. The result is profound “dis-ease” as microwaved food loses its vitality and can no longer nourish nutrient-starved bodies. [Pediatrics Apr/92; Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture Nov/03; unhinderedliving.com; cdc.gov]
Malnourished people tend to pack on the carbs.

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