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We saw the first cell phones in 1984. And we thought that they were expensive, ungainly contraptions for those with no time to breathe on their hands. But by 2004, we experienced the rapid growth of the Telecommunications Industry and by that same time we had one billion cell phone users in the USA!

Cell phone use grew so pervasive that after a mere 18 months the number of cell phones reached two billion! And it took just 9 months to climb rapidly to three billion. If you ask me how long it took to get to four billion, it took only SIX months!

The cell phone has become such a necessary part of our existence that we just can’t leave the house without it; and you’d usually feel lost if you don’t feel its familiar lines in your pocket or your bag. Your constant exposure to your cell phones has made it a growing concern. Why so? You have just increased your total personal radiation exposure. And even if you don’t use a cell phone – your radiation exposure is compounded by the growing number of cell phone users!

If We Are In Danger from Cell Phone Radiation Why Are the Large Wireless Corporations or the Federal Government Not Bringing Up the Issue of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) Emission from Cell Phones?

Simple. Big-time profits are linked to large powerful corporations.

In fact, in 1993, the telecom industry invested 25 million dollars for research projects that should have proven that cell phones are safe. But the studies proved just the opposite. They showed that the federal microwave exposure standards were grossly inaccurate! Because cell damage and tumors can be easily induced in the lab at a mere one third of the FCC’s exposure guidelines.

Even with clear evidence, the FDA still declares:

“There is no reason to conclude that there are health risks posed by cell phones to consumers.”

Meanwhile, the telecom industry has been working to INCREASE BY MORE THAN 10 TIMES the acceptable human exposure to cell phone radiation!

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