Dr. Cousens scientifically tested 186 subjects

Dr. Cousens scientifically tested 186 subjects

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Baseline readings were acquired first. The second reading revealed 90% of the subjects experienced a significant bioenergetic depletion (entropy) while talking on their personal cell phone. This clearly illustrates that cell phones do in fact give rise to entropy. After installing a Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disk on the depleted subject’s cell phone, a third reading was acquired. 100% of the subjects upon re-testing exhibited a significant bioenergetic increase which exceeded the baseline.

As indicated by Dr. Cousens, the Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disk is the only material he has evaluated that reversed the entropic effects of the test subject. It is interesting to note that 3% exhibited a significant bioenergetic increase when talking on their personal cell phone. Dr. Cousens says that the 3% is consistent with his findings that a percentage of the population experiences what he calls an energy reversal. For these individuals, most typical therapies work in reverse on their systems.

Dr. Cousens’ conclusion is that cell phones do have an entropic affect on most humans. He states that the best way to avoid the biological depletion that these devices produce is to abstain from using them. If you cannot live without your cell phone, then you must protect yourself from the entropic affects. In Dr. Cousens’ personal opinion, the Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disk is the best solution available for harmonizing and negating the electromagnetic fields produced by cell phones.

Dr. Cousens’ findings in regards to cell phones and their effect on biological systems clearly answers the entropy question. Cell phones, for most people, have an entropic effect on their systems. This means that they are depleting the bioenergetics or creating chaos in the user. Dr. Cousens’ findings also provide a proven solution to the entropy problem.

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