Treatments for Electro-Hypersensitivity? Part 2

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The same report also listed other treatments which have been put forward by various sources but haven’t as yet been scientifically evaluated:
# Adequate Hydration
# Filtered Water
# Oral tryptophan
# Avoidance of GM foods
# Trace element supplements
# Chiropractice
# Reflexology
# Nambudripad Allergy
# Elimination Technique
# Magnet Therapy
# Anticonvulsant’s
# Olanzipine
# Healing/Spiritual healing
# Oxygen therapy
# Green clay baths
# Topical sea salt/baking soda
# Negative air ionizers
# Crystals
# Plants in the environment

These lists of treatments were gathered from various sources including relevant scientific papers, articles and websites.

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