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Computer usage is the most popular reason given as the cause. Olle Johansson, a world-renown expert on the subject, coined the term ‘VDT sickness’ to categorize the specific sensitivity some people have to computer monitors. Swedish journalist Gunni Nordstrom cites chemicals emitted from monitors and the electricity coming from them working synergistically as a possible cause.
Dental amalgam is often cited too as a reason. A study has shown that it is possible for certain frequencies of electricity which emanate from computer monitors to release amalgam into the body where it can cause chronic toxicity. Indeed, mercury amalgam toxicity from dental work is a topic of heated debate in it’s own right.

There is a strong link between chemicals toxicity and electrical sensitivities, i.e. that the latter may well be a by-product of the former. The UK based Breakspear Hospital reports that when one removes the chemical sensitivities from the body, the electrical sensitivities disappear also.

The Environmental Health Centre Dallas, reports that of 500 patients treated for MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), 80% of them also have electrical sensitivities.Other causes of sensitivities include mobile phones & masts, fluorescent lighting and low-energy lamps. http://www.emfnews.org/products.html

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