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Cindy Sage, co-editor of the Bioinitiative Report writes, “”Why put billions into new wireless technologies that are already recognized to come with a health price-tag . . . when—yes—as a nation our number one imperative is to reduce out-of-control health care costs.””

Smart meters emit radio frequency (RF)/microwave radiation throughout the day and night. Two independent professionals measured smart meters and found they emit RF signals once or more every minute, on a random basis. In Sebastopol alone, this would amount to over 6 million new signals a day, not including signals from the repeater system. These wireless signals penetrate walls and buildings, and are re-radiated throughout homes and businesses by electrical wiring, metal plumbing, gas lines, metal fences, etc.

This is electrosmog!

The Bioinitiative Report, which is recognized by the European Parliament, the European Environment Agency, the Breast Cancer Fund and others, scientifically documents evidence of health effects at RF exposure levels far below the FCC safety standards, including DNA breaks, free radical production, cell stress, premature aging, memory loss, learning impairment, headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbance, reduction in melatonin secretion and cancers. The exponential increase in the use of wireless technologies presents serious public health risks. Children, pregnant women, seniors, those with medical implants and compromised immune systems are most vulnerable.

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