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Inside a Cellphone Radiation Testing Lab
By Priya Ganapati

You can’t do a test with the phone dialing up AT&T because the signal strength would be all over the place,”” says Albert Liu, vice-president of business development at Pong Research.

A radio communications tester is used to transmit a signal at full power to test the iPhone
The iPhone is placed in a simulated call with the radio communication tester, which transmits a signal at full power. Now the robotic probe scans the head, measuring the radio frequency energy that is absorbed at each point. The probe finds the region of the highest RF field and tthe location with the highest absorption rate.

Because brain tissue isn’t flat, SAR measurement in terms of W/kg is averaged over 1 g of tissue.

The robotic probe takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 30 minutes to complete the process. According to the certificate filed with the FCC, Apple’s iPhone 3G S has a maximum SAR of 1.19 W/kg when it’s held at the ear. Our test showed the iPhone 3G to have an SAR of 1.18 W/kg, or just about the same as the official FCC number.

Next up, testing the iPhone with a Pong case. The process is repeated and about 20 minutes later, the results are spewed out at with SAR clocking in at 0.42 W/kg.

Murray Bridge, South Australia
Afghanistan, Kabul
Al Hulaylah, United Arab Emirates, Al Hulaylah, UAE
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