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Apparently the church leaders would. I find I have a great dislike for their reverend. They had him open and close the meeting with a prayer. It was the most hypocritical prayer I have heard. All about loving your neighbors as they plan to blast them to a future of cancer. I heard that after the meeting he called the neighbors turkeys. I guess he refrained from a stronger word due to the nature of his job. One of the cell tower study group members gave a presentation. He said that there is a lot of junk science out there and the antennas will be perfectly safe.

He once again presented a cart with various RF levels. One level was given as our current background level of 10 uW/cm2. The other was the level that the antennas would emit which was much lower. The implication was that the antenna level would lead to a lower exposure than the neighbors would get from the background level. Well, any antenna will add to the background level, not lower it.

He also said that some of the participants of the BioInitiative Report were unhappy with the conclusions of the report. He refused to elaborate or substantiate this claim. If you ask me he was the one presenting junk science.

Below is the article and the letter I sent to the paper. They have had articles on cell towers for the last three weeks and this is the third letter I have sent. They have yet to print one. I have taken to copying my letter to some key decision makers on the issue.

El Monte, California
Reno, Nevada
Paterson, New Jersey
Hamilton, Victoria
Waterbury, Connecticut
Bahrain, Manama
Jordan, Amman
Mina’ Zayid, United Arab Emirates, Mina’ Zayid, UAE
Tempe, Arizona
Slovakia, Bratislava

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Cell Tower Radiation

Churches Influenced by Money & Radiation

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