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“Airtube Headsets As seen on CNN – Use a “”Hollow Tube”” earpiece to prevent radiation exposure. We tested the Original iFit RF3 Headsets on “”RICK”” our test dummy head at RangeStar Testing Facilities with a SAR “Standard Absorption Rate”” level result of ZERO.

• The Cellphone transmits a radio signal into the atmosphere that communicates with the cell tower.
• The radio wave is in the “”Micro Wave”” spectrum field of 1.8 to 2.3 GHz.
• The “”WIRED”” headset has a conductive copper/metal wire that the EMF or radio signal can travel up, delivering the EMF directly into your head.

The “”Radio Wave”” or transmission from the Cellphone does not know the difference from the wire of a headset and an ANTENNA. The EMF then travels up the wire by naturally “”Clinging to the Conductive Wire””.


Preventing the EMF from reaching your head.

• With the RF3 headset the EMF travels up the wire to a speaker box.
• From that point on, the speaker box converts the electronic signal into “”Natural”” sound waves that travel up the Airtube to your ear canal. Similar to how a speaker works on your stereo.
• The sound waves travel from the speaker box without any EMF.

Thus, delivering the caller’s voice safely to your ear. The EMF is well within a safe distance from your soft tissue found in the Blood Brain Barrier.

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Anti Radiation RF3 Headset

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