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The Symptoms of Electro-sensitivity

Most patients with electro-sensitivity complain of disorders of the nervous system. These can be headaches, fatigue, impaired thinking with impaired concentration and poor memory. In addition there can be alteration of visual acuity, hearing ability and occasional skin rashes. Less common symptoms are altered heart function. and pain. Usually the patient has realised that these symptoms occur within the vicinity of equipment producing electro-magnetic fields.

The Diagnoses of Electro-Sensitivity

At present there are no facilities in the UK for the diagnostic testing of electro-sensitive patients. The necessary equipment is an electro-magnetically screened room (so called Faraday Cage) into which no external electro-magnetic fields can penetrate. The patient is placed in the room and exposed by means of oscillators to known electro-magnetic frequencies and at specific strengths and demonstrable symptoms can be reproduced.

As no such diagnostic facility exists in the UK the diagnosis of electro-sensitivity has to be based on the patient’s symptoms.

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