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We became so ill that we had to move from our home after a year and I am now hypersensitive to microwaves. I had to sleep in a metal box for months untill I regained some health. After my wife spent a few months in Brazil she came back feeling better.

I would advise any one that lives near a tower and starts to feel the following symptoms to get out fast before you become sensitive as I have. The symptoms started with a buzzing sound and developed into a high pitch sizzle sound in my head , pressure headaches, blocked ears, pains in neck shoulder and other joints, nausea, excessive stomach gas, stress, burning eyes, memory loss and fatigue.

Our Health Ministry won’t help us. They accept test results that were take by the Cellphone Company which were taken at the base of the tower, where there is lower density, and inside of a vehicle that would shield the rays. A proper test instrument which is a spectrum analizer cost about thirty grand so the average person can’t afford it. Don’t you think that it would be only fair if they intend to keep us in a microwave oven that they supply us with a rotating bed so that we cook evenly on all sides.

I intend to do all I can in the future to see that no one else ever gets burn’t as I did. I often think of babies and older people that are helpless and can’t move as we did. I would like to hear from any one that has had a similar experience.

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Yemen, Sana

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