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Today, ALL microwave transmitting dishes and antennas must have radiation stickers on them, if people can become near them. Located on the front nose-cone of aircraft are small warning stickers if they have radar. THe radar MUST be turned off when the aircraft is on the ground, as it is hazardous to ground personnel. Warning stickers use the universal radiation warning symbol, of three triangles inside a circle. This the identical symbol used for radioactive materials. Many in the armed forces know the stories and often unpleasant fate of those that unknowingly walked in front of operating aircraft radar.

C band microwave remote uplink trucks used at sports events use power levels typically on the order of 120 watts. Fortunately all the RF energy is pointed upwards towards a satellite more than 22,000 miles away.

Now with all that said, how are WE being irradiated ? The effects of low level radiation are only now beginning to be understood from the efforts of lab research around the world.

There are a number of RF frequencies the FCC has set aside, that have unlimited civilian use. Although related unlicensed transmitter operation is usually limited to short range digital devices like garage door openers and cordless phones, low level RF may have a cumulative effect that is not yet understood. For a more in-depth look at complex microwave frequency allocation assignment by the FCC see [6].

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