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Cell phone users are exposed to a form of electromagnetic radiation called radio frequency energy, also known as RF. Although RF isn’t the same kind of radiation as that emitted by an X-ray machine or a nuclear warhead, Oz said a growing number of experts fear people may be increasing their risk by holding the phone so close to their head,s and that it will take more time and studies to come to a conclusion about cell phone dangers. Cell phones send out signals to the tower so the device may be identified. This means that radiation comes into the phone and is sent out from it as well.

“The cell phone has to send a wave out in order to find a tower near you,” Oz explained. “The waves go into your brain — they have to.”

CTIA, the wireless industry’s association, referred “GMA” to a statement from the American Cancer Society.

In the statement, the ACS said: “In general, expert agencies agree that most evidence to date does not point to cell phone use increasing the risk of tumors, but that more research is needed to look at possible long-term effects.”

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